Inside The Mind of a PreSales Consultant

How can Pre-Sales support Product and Marketing teams?

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BIG NEWS, MarketingMoves are now also recruiting Pre-Sales Engineers. We’ve been listening to feedback from clients on how difficult it can be to find and hire the top 10% of Pre-Sales professionals. We’ve also heard all about the important role Pre-Sales plays in informing marketing strategy and product messaging. Our Pre-Sales recruitment expert, David Loubser, will be your go-to for Pre-Sales hires, reachable at

To give you a little more insight on Pre-Sales, MarketingMoves spoke to Richard Stokes, a senior Pre-Sales professional, with over 10 years of Pre-Sales leadership experience in Technology.
We’ve already discussed some fundamental questions – ‘What is Pre-Sales and how does it differ to Sales?’ ‎and ‘What makes a great Pre-Sales Professional?’. This week we’re looking at how Pre-Sales can collaborate with Product and Marketing teams to achieve better business results.
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Inside the Mind of a Pre-Sales Engineer

MarketingMoves interviews Richard Stokes


How can Pre-Sales support the Product and Marketing teams?

Pre-Sales talk to customers regularly so can give effective feedback. For example, which part of the software is clunky or requires multiple clicks, making it hard to present. Those are some great clues on how to improve the solution including priorities on what needs to be included in the future software roadmap. If they are communicating effectively with Product Development teams, Pre-Sales can also talk carefully about the kind of changes coming in future, which might be relevant to prospective customers. The SaaS industry, for instance, is changing faster than ever before – often with new functionality every quarter.

Similarly Pre-Sales and Marketing need to be closely connected and communicate regularly. Pre-Sales need to keep up to date with the latest collateral and messaging around solutions. Pre-Sales are a valuable source of feedback for Marketing and can provide a useful sense check – for example, will X sales material resonate with prospects? The Marketing team won’t be experts in the solutions, so Pre-Sales can bring perspective in their deeper knowledge and regular customer engagement. This way both can ensure that there is consistent messaging through the channel, from the promotional events, email and social media campaigns that generate leads for sales, through to the sales presentations and demonstrations that close the deal.

For example “I presented the new CFO Top 5 priorities deck to X at a Finance gathering last week and it went down a storm”….or… “CFOs just don’t use that language. It needs to be in plainer English”.

If you’re a talented pre-sales professional or looking to hire one, contact David Loubser on or visit our pre-sales page.

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