Why a healthy dose of FOMO is good for your marketing career

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Long term employment at one company is no longer the holy grail of the career-builder. The social stigma on moving jobs has gone, though red flags might be raised if you move all too frequently. Let’s say, at yearly or even sub yearly intervals. Contracts of course are a different matter. Both parties only ever intended a set duration anyway, there’s nothing that’ll raise eyebrows there.

In fact, not moving is the real career killer these days and complacency is an easy trap to fall into. Sitting comfortable in your current role is the safest option and requires the least effort – job-searching can be draining. However, too much time inactive on the jobs market can lead to a fear of leaving. You’re not used to selling yourself in that way, and ‘not doing’ can transform into ‘can’t do’ If left too long in the back of your mind. Believe us when we say the process – updating your cv and social profile, applying for jobs, going for interviews, giving presentations – becomes a lot less daunting as you do it.

The best careers don’t build themselves. If your current role offers you a variety of new challenges to wrap your brain around, to hone your core skills and to extend into new areas of marketing (most are marketing polymaths these days!), then happy days. You can grow and progress in your role until your learning curve starts to flatten. But if you’re stagnating, get up and move on. Don’t miss out on the chance to stretch yourself with projects that you passionately want to succeed and to work with new energetic people. They may surprise you – and we all need a dose of the unexpected sometimes.

For a list of 5 things you could do now to get pro-active with your career:

1. Be an opportunity-grabber
Grab opportunities to expand your skills and experience when they appear – whether in your current job or elsewhere.

2. Think Game Plan
Take time out every now and then to rethink where you are and where you want to be. Your career doesn’t need to be front of mind all the time (that could get in the way of doing the job at hand), but it’s good to have a game plan. Ask yourself: What stands between you and the next step? What would help you up your game? How can you gain the relevant skills and experience?

3. Be CV ready
Keep your CV up-to-date – ready for the time you scroll by a job ad that seems practically written for you but you really don’t have time to apply for right now. Sending an email with an attached resume and quick note takes under a minute. A link to your LinkedIn profile does not really imply ‘I’m serious about this opportunity’.

4. Keep people in the know.
Discreetly let key members of your network (including those recruitment consultants you trust) know you are open to a move. It’s easier when opportunities come to you.

5. Escape your bubble
Consider attending industry events and short training days. This keeps you up-to-date with your industry, gives you a chance to network and see what your peers are doing – and escape the bubble of your own company challenges.

Complacency poses a particular danger for marketers who can grow so much from new stimulus, new collaborations, new tech. We think a little FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is healthy for your career.
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