MarketingMoves Fast Track

Fast Track

MarketingMoves Fast Track service assists unique candidates like you to map out your marketing career and to choose an employer that will facilitate your success. Not everyone can be on the Fast Track, but those candidates that we place in this programme are definitely a ‘cut-above’ the rest.

You may be just about ready to graduate with a marketing qualification or you could be returning to work after either a career break or a change in career. As always, we can work with you to prepare your CV to attract the sort of employer that will create opportunities for your newly launched career in marketing.

But that’s not all we do. There are many marketing disciplines – which is the right one for you? Are you looking to focus on digital communications or do you prefer developing market entry strategies for emerging countries? Could you create customer insights from big data analysis or are you excited by developing product marketing features and benefits? How about working closely with sales and channel teams to deliver lead generating marketing programmes? Perhaps working with company internal communications programmes are more your style. We can help you decide not only what job is right for you from the start, but what jobs you’ll need to aim for in the future.

Perhaps more important than all of this, is that we’ll be with you for the long term. While of course we want you to find that first perfect role, we also want you to know that we’re here for you every step of your career. We can continue to provide advice and market insights as you climb the road to success.

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