Executive Search

Executive Search

If you are looking for a very senior marketing professional to fill a role as either a CMO or VP/Director of Marketing,in a position that has a base salary level over £100K, please contact Daniella Thomas on 01932 253 352.

We are aware of the fact that often strategic changes at the top of an organisation often signal strategic changes across the whole of the company. The recruitment of senior marketing roles within that framework are more often than not pivotal to future success.

marketingmovessearch has unparalleled access to a network of the most senior marketing professionals in the UK and elsewhere – in fact, we’ve known most of the UK’s marketers before they were famous!

A face to face briefing is essential before commencing any search on your behalf. In order to deliver a selection of successful candidates for you, we need to have a thorough understanding of your organisation and the culture within it. 

The timeframe to complete a search is dependent upon your requirements and together we will agree this in advance of the commencement of the search.

Contact Daniella Thomas on 01932 253352 or at dthomas@marketingmoves.com