Partner Services

Partner Services?

What we do for Clients/Vendors

Our new initiative is based upon helping vendors simplify and improve their partner marketing engagement, delivering greater programme transparency and accountability, strengthening partner loyalty and accelerating sales with an end to end marketing engine to drive partner demand generation.

What we do for Partners

We help partners optimise their vendor co-marketing budgets by finding exceptional marketing talent to join their team and to drive programmes and activities that increase revenues with major vendors – at no additional cost to either company. This resource will be focused exclusively on developing and implementing a marketing strategy in support of the specific partners’ programme goals and relationship objectives with the vendor using the vendor’s co-marketing funds. This will enable the vendor to drive alignment and incremental resource at no additional cost (budget or overhead), using a compliant investment model that can be both measured and part of the relationship and revenue tracking process.

What we do for Candidates

We help candidates find interesting and challenging channel marketing work at a senior level through our extensive network.

How it Works

marketingmoves will recruit specific channel marketers to advocate for the client/vendor brand within the Partner function. These posts will be funded via committed channel marketing programme budget, hence no increase in costs to either party.
We will provide administrative services for the client, partner and candidate; we will agree candidate objectives, monitor and manage candidates and provide induction services to acquaint candidates with vendor/client /partner/brands.