Global Market

Global Market

To be successful in today’s complex and global business environment, technology companies are looking for marketing CMO’s and SVP’s with the strategic leadership, focus and drive that can deliver excellence, undeniable market supremacy and transform the business landscape for sustained success.

The global technology sector has been fundamentally changed through market consolidation, new technologies; pressures on price, demand and an evolving business and consumer attitude towards technology in general. The separation of private and work life has become blurred but technology is common to both.

Talent has become the single prime source of competitive advantage. The technology market continues to be in a frenzy to create differentiated products and services but it’s never long before competitors catch up or overtake. Therefore, the need to identify and attract the best talent is even more critical as companies strive to transform their businesses, their brands and to remain competitive.

MarketingMovesSearch has identified an elite and rare ‘Supermarketer’ who has a different and completely new set of tools, competencies and skills to contribute to today’s change and success agendas in technology companies. Supermarketers are exceptional people who thrive in fast paced and ever changing business environments. They can lead, communicate and implement marketing strategies that deliver.

The ‘Supermarketer’ understands how to manage multiple stakeholders and information channels and they lead by example with their commitment to engaging customers, motivating employees and creating the brand equity needed for success.

They are disrupters and challengers of the status quo. They are insightful, thoughtful, credible and inspiring. They are innovative and lack fear. They are hugely experienced and capable of managing multi-disciplinary teams. They will have experience in delivering against growth strategies and they will understand both traditional and new marketing methods. They have worked across the spectrum of marketing specialities including:

  • Strategic and Brand management
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Data Analytics
  • Loyalty and CRM marketing
  • Innovation and Insight
  • Multicultural marketing
  • Product development

They understand the balance sheet and more importantly, how marketing drives and contributes to it through innovation, product development, branding, marketing operations and digital media platforms.

With Supermarketer CMOs; VPs and Directors of Marketing available, the MarketingMovesSearch team works collaboratively with a varied client base, including start-ups to global technology giants, matching the best to client requirements.

MarketingMovesSearch includes senior executive recruiters and technology marketing experts, all have held senior marketing management positions. The team includes experienced technology senior researchers.

We speak on a regular basis with leading industry ‘Supermarketers’ about topical issues such as flexible working arrangements and women on technology boards. We contribute to thought leadership in the sector through our ‘Insights’ programme.

Our clients include global operators working across a broad spectrum within the technology sector including:

  • Convergent Media – broadcast (e.g. cable, satellite, media (new media, digital media), entertainment (e.g. gaming, animation)
  • E-Commerce and Internet Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Biotechnology
  • IT Services & Outsourcing
  • Semiconductors
  • Hardware and Software
  • Cloud, Network and Communications
  • VCs and PEs involved with Technology start-ups