Executive Search

Today’s leading global technology companies expect marketing leaders, their CMOs and VPs, to have the commercial acumen, strategic leadership and drive to have an impact at board level and implement marketing strategies that deliver. As technology markets continue to grow and diversify with differentiated product and service offerings, it’s never long before a competitor bites at your heel. At top level, talent is a prime source of competitive advantage.

Just look at the latest estimates for the ever-changing martech landscape to get a sense of the proliferation of competitors in many of today’s technology markets.  Therefore, the need to identify and attract the best talent is even more critical as companies strive to transform their businesses, their brands and to remain competitive.

Those marketing leaders that make a difference are exceptional people who:

  • Thrive in fast-paced and ever changing business environments
  • Are disrupters and challengers of the status quo
  • Lead by example with their commitment to engaging customers, motivating employees and creating brand equity
  • Understand how to manage multiple stakeholders and information channels
  • Are hugely experienced and capable of managing multi-disciplinary teams
  • Will have experience in delivering against growth strategies
  • Will understand both traditional and new marketing methods
  • Have worked across the full marketing spectrum, including digital and social media, analytics, strategic brand management, CRM, product.
  • Are insightful, credible, innovative and inspiring


Many of our candidates have ‘grown’ with us. Starting out in a junior marketing role, they have stayed loyal to their preferred partner as they have progressed through their careers to senior executive roles. Now, as successful CMOs, Marketing SVPs, VPs and Directors they rely on us to work with them to pursue the next stage in their careers or to help build and develop their own marketing teams.

We have well over two decades of success in recruiting marketing professionals for the technology sector. We appreciate the differing challenges faced by businesses at different stages in their development; from start-up, through IPO listing and beyond. The competitive pressures, shifting market conditions and increased customer expectations present you with business challenges that demand only the best. And that’s what we specialise in. Only the best marketers. Only for technology. Worldwide. Our executive search expertise can provide both permanent and interim marketing leaders. Without the cloak and daggers of other search firms, we are open and straight forward with our clients, using our network to find top drawer senior leaders, with as much discretion as is needed.

If you require permanent senior marketing people to enhance your executive team, please contact Melvin Day on +44 1932 253352 or at mday@marketingmoves.com