Main trends:

  • Software firms are definitely starting to lead recovery
  • OECD sees first signs of upturn in ICT sector in May/June
  • Demand for interim/freelance marketing professionals is on the increase
  • Clients in the technology sector are briefing on the need for more formal marketing performance measurement
  • New alliances and partner activity is taking off

Whilst 2009 has been a challenging year for most companies within the ICT sector, we are
pleased to report evidence that things are starting to improve. We note overall that firms
appear to be in a much stronger position than they were following the dotcom crash in 2001.

We are also seeing new and exciting thinking amongst our clients as they take advantage of determinant of the disruption caused by the downturn. Most realise that, like airplane seats and fresh food, gaining and retaining the ‘attention’ of key new and even existing customers can be viewed as a highly perishable commodity. This is exactly what a good marketer does. Therefore, understanding and managing attention will be the single most important future business success. The result of this thinking means that we are experiencing a significant increase in demand for both freelance and interim staff who are commercially minded and who can put together innovative sales and marketing plans that are KPI focused. Requirements for permanent staff are also on the increase as firms begin to prepare for the future. All in all, we are certainly seeing those ‘green shoots’.

Interestingly though, salary levels have remained relatively steady with little decrease in
overall packages offered/accepted. This may be due to the fact that high quality candidates
are still in demand and if they choose to move jobs will usually have a number of
opportunities to consider. There is no doubt that some organisations have used the current
downturn as an opportunity to look at their existing teams and rationalise where necessary.

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