Main trends

  • Vacancy numbers increase by 15% year on year
  • Continued demand for freelance/interim staff
  • Smaller & mid size business are increasing the size of their marketing teams
  • Online & digital marketing skills in high demand
  • Increasingly marketers are expected to have a 2nd European language “The economy is in the throes of a transition back to health; recovery will be long, extending beyond 2010,” said Ivan Seidenberg, chairman of the Business Roundtable (group of 161 of America’s largest companies) and also chairman and chief executive officer of telco giant Verizon. “The outlook of our CEOs reflects that reality: We see noticeable gains in sales and capital spending, but employment growth continues to lag.”

This is exactly what we are seeing. Demand for marketing professionals has continued to
grow following a strong finish to 2009. Whilst overall numbers of vacancies are still low,
especially at Director/VP level, certain skills are most definitely in demand, i.e. digital, online, alliance marketing. For candidates there is an increasing amount of interim freelance work available. The ability to be ‘hands on’ whilst still having an overall strategic view is as important as ever. Managing to deliver outstanding results with very limited budgets is of course ongoing!

For companies there are the beginnings of budget relaxation and critical hires being
approved. Mostly this is being led by one or two large multinationals although more
significantly by mid size software and/or services business. Typically European marketing
roles are being recruited rather than UK only, languages therefore being in demand.
Measurement of ROI continues to be more rigorous and reporting more accurate. Some
companies are now improving packages for high performing employees to ensure they retain their services as new competitive opportunities arise.

(marketingmoves is a specialist IT marketing recruitment company that recruits Only the best marketers.Only for IT and telecoms.)

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