As we stumble into the New Year, here at Marketing Moves we’ve been musing about the extensive media comment about an alleged Government intention to use chaos as a creative force for positive change.

We’ve had a muse or two about the transport infrastructure of this country buckling under a few inches of snow and ice; and the unedifying picture of passengers queuing for Eurostar tickets at St Pancras whilst being ministered to by Salvation Army soup wagons and of course, we mused over the High Street rugby scrums for last minute presents, and the scenes of student protesters at Top Shop. All of these examples neatly fit under the word ‘chaos’ , as we reminded ourselves that chaos actually means ‘utter confusion’.

Big Society

A spokesman for chaos might say that confusion and destruction can lead to healthier longer term growth – as with, say, forest fires or hard pruning. It is argued that the wartime destruction of Germany provided an opportunity to start again with new resources and an incentive to make them work. Sweeping away existing public institutions and ways of working might cause confusion, havoc and unemployment in the short term, however, it might also lead to a leaner, meaner, more competitive society with a lower pay bill, augmented by social enterprise and “Big Society” volunteerism.

A year with little havoc

As you take charge of yourself, your work, your company, or your staff in 2011, we suspect the last thing you’ll want is the uncertainty that chaos brings. We suspect you are hoping for a year with little havoc and few surprises unless of course they include surprisingly good quarter end results, promotions or breakthroughs in innovation. We confidently predict that the catalysts for change for you don’t include Government incited chaos, instead, you’ll want your change done professionally and predictably.

Professional and efficient service

So while the Government is deciding how best to use a disruptive force like chaos to move things along, consider calling us if your view of change includes changing your personal career or changing the organisation you work for. We won’t provide soup wagons, but we will provide a professional and efficient service that will deliver what you need in 2011. We even have a few bells and whistles to add like help with your CV or advice on how to maximise your organisational structure to deliver the best marketing results.

Best wishes for the New Year
Adrian Hardy and team at Marketing Moves
January 2011

(marketingmoves is a specialist IT recruitment company that recruits Only the best marketers.Only for IT and Telecoms.)

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