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‘On the Sofa’ with Adrian Hardy, Director marketingmoves

Welcome to the July edition of our quarterly newsletter. We hope you’re looking forward to a summer of success and possibly a week or two off to indulge in a bit of well-deserved rest and relaxation.

We’ve noticed that things are moving fast and furious in the IT sector and we’re busy working with organisations that are telling us that they need a new type of marketing person. It’s no longer good enough to possess the tried and trusted skills and capabilities normally expected of a first-class marketer. Companies are telling us they need candidates with a broader range of skills, some of which include a real grasp of the financials; the ability to work as a peer with sales and service colleagues and most importantly, demonstrable evidence that as a marketer, you can work at CEO and Board level with key clients.

We think this means that you’ll need to brush up on who you are and what you have to offer – in other words, it’s time to develop your personal brand. The ability to ‘sell yourself’ with clarity will mean the difference between getting the job you want or watching others get it instead. Have a go getting to grips with your personal brand at www.marketingmoves.com/personal-branding.

All the best,

Adrian Hardy


The Middle Manager

What’s happening to the ‘middle-manager’? The technology revolution is creating seismic shifts in how people work. The London Business School is reporting that the classic job of the middle manager will soon disappear now that technology itself has become the great general manager’. Research suggests that people now value ‘mentors’ rather than blockers and those paid to keep track of others.

Women in the C-suite

In the C-suite, women are out number 4-1 because they lack a ‘sponsor’. If you’re a woman and you want to break into the C-suite sooner rather than later, make a list of who can advocate on your behalf in your company and make sure they know how to best sell you and what you can offer.

Changing Your Stripes

To keep on top of the marketer’s game; you will need to cultivate some self-awareness as well as political awareness. In other words, you’ll need to know when to read the tea leaves. You must know your audience and realise that each situation you find yourself in has a political element. Behaviour that was appropriate in the past could be viewed as obstructive, foolish or downright ridiculous in the present. Whereas self-awareness helps you to understand what messages you’re sending, political awareness helps you understand what messages other are receiving.

Your Personal Scrap Heap

All high achievers should have one. After all, you should have tried a few things that haven’t worked out. People want to know that you can handle disappointments and failures. They want to know how you approach these things, the lessons you’ve learned and how you’ve used what you learned to craft the future. Make a list of your mini post-mortems and have them ready at your next interview to demonstrate your leadership, your ability to take risks and your capabilities in the face of what might have been a disaster (or two).

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