dynaTrace software, founded in Linz, Austria, in 2005, emerged as the new leader in APM. Their Application Performance Management approach tightly knits User Experience Management, Business Transaction Management, Advanced Monitoring, Code-level Diagnostics and Proactive Performance Engineering into a single system, valued across the entire application lifecycle – by business and application owners, production operators, performance testers, software architects and engineering management.

What makes dynaTrace different from other companies is a combination of commitment to excellence, passion for innovation, and deep belief in integrity, both as indi­viduals and as a company. Their commitment to customers is that their products will work better than advertised, and that their ex­pertise will always be at your fingertips to assure success. The company was acquired by Compuware for $256M shortly after our interview with Laurent.

About Laurent Séraphin

With over 15 years of experience, Laurent has an extensive understanding of the IT sector and has successfully introduced to the market complex and innovative B2B software solutions both as a marketer and a hands-on IT specialist. He has held senior positions in software infrastructure and application lifecycle companies in US and Europe.

Laurent holds an MSc in Software Engineering and Computer Science from École Supérieure en Sciences Informatiques, Sophia-Antipolis, France.

The Interview

(Sandra Malone, Marketing move’s Director of Marketing, interviews Laurent)

SM: Bonjour Laurent.  Tell me a bit about dynaTrace

LS: Hi Sandy. dynaTrace is a really fast growing APM  leader. We’re taking market share from incumbents and new entrants and we’re opening up many new market opportunities. We’re creating the new generation in application management.

SM: It sounds an exciting time for dynaTrace! What sort of skills do the marketing people at dynaTrace need to have to keep pace with this fast-moving marketplace?

LS: We asked Marketingmoves to support us in recruiting key people – the team there is excellent. To open new markets through technology; to solve customer’s problems that haven’t been solved before and to increase the footprint of the APM business means we were looking for people with a broader skill set. We don’t see a divide between marketing and sales. We view marketing at the top of the funnel, focusing on lead and opportunity generation.

SM: The personal attributes needed to drive that are quite unique, aren’t they?

LS: Well, it’s all about aptitude and attitude. People need to demonstrate their ambition, commitment and interest. We need people to grow and scale with us. We need people to work upstream in building awareness; to fast track and accelerate and the opportunity generation and sales cycle and to help us with indirect channels.

SM: That’s a really key point – aptitude and attitude –and a very good way to articulate those requirements. We wish you the best of luck as you continue to support the growth at dyna Trace.

End Interview

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9 years ago

Thanks a lot for making the effort to describe the terminlogy for the inexperienced persons!

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