Sleeping CEOs may have failed to notice that their marketing folk have moved on from big bold marketing campaigns to very direct, very personalised and very targeted approaches to customers, sharing insights and encouraging engagement. The days where there was enough budget to spend money and hope the message hits the right person are well and truly over.

But that doesn’t mean that marketing budgets have decreased- quite the contrary. The cost of personalisation can be very expensive, especially if you get things wrong.

Email personalisation is by far the most popular channel, using an email message created via a customer relationship management database. However, other channels such as websites, social media, SMS, offline and search engine marketing are working hard too.

Good personalisation is about ensuring the interactions you have with a customer are helpful, useful and relevant. It’s important to tailor content to your audience and to integrate both online and offline media. is a challenge.

Conversion rate on targeted and personalised campaigns can be 8% rather than the standard 1%.

People expect to feel that you’re talking directly to them, not just to everyone.

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