Marketing Week’s 2015 Salary Survey of marketing and digital professionals reveals high levels of unrest, negativity on job satisfaction and continuing gender gaps.

Gender Gap - What Are You Worth

The pay gap between male and female marketers who answered the Salary Survey has narrowed since 2014, although men still get paid considerably more. Their average salary is £47.569, which is 15% lower than in 2014, while the average pay for women remains flat at £39,153.. This means men earn 21% more than women, equivalent to an additional £8,416. In 2014, the difference was more than £15,000.

The gender gap is more pronounced higher up the career ladder. Men in CMO roles earn 75% more than women, the equivalent of an extra £70,625, although the averages are calculated from small sample sizes.

Male marketing directors and heads of marketing earn £77,671. 18% more than women in the same position, while the average male marketing ,manager’s pay packet of £43,061 is 9% higher than their female counterparts, who earn £39,530. Conversely, at the other end of the spectrum, women in a marketing assistant role earn 2% more than men at the same level..

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