It’s no secret that the marketing jobs market became increasingly candidate-driven in 2015 and this seems unlikely to change this year. Although it’s not quite as extreme as the situation apparently facing those in Channel Sales recruitment, companies do need to continue to adapt accordingly. Competition for the best candidates is fierce and you will need a streamlined recruitment process to ensure none slip through the net. The benefits of keeping candidate drop-offs to a minimum is a no brainer, but that doesn’t mean companies don’t fall into some recruitment traps which they ought to avoid:

1. Avoid too lengthy or tiresome a recruitment process

It could lose you your candidate. Just today we heard from one of our candidates about her experience of being interviewed a whopping 19 times by one company before they reached their hiring decision. No one wins in that situation. This is the kind of time commitment many top candidates would not be prepared to make, since they need to prioritise success in their current role. The company were lucky to have found a candidate keen enough to jump through so many hoops. We can salute their employer branding for that one, but certainly not their process. We won’t begin to imagine their candidate drop-off rate throughout it.

2. Avoid the trap of waiting too long for a ‘dream’ candidate.

This can mean leaving candidates hanging on despite approval at interview, in the hopes of someone better. This can pay off if this turns out to be true, but you also risk frustrating your initial good candidate and allowing them to be snapped up elsewhere. By the time you’ve decided they were the best after all, it’s too late. We confess we’ve seen the latter happen more than the pay off.

3. BUT be careful not to rush the recruitment process.

The consequences of a bad hire are well-known. In marketing in particular, it’s crucial to get the skills match and culture and personality fit spot on. A misunderstanding here makes for a regrettable situation for both employer and employee.
Take time to interview thoroughly. Seek out an honest second opinion, be it via shared contacts, reference-checking, or an opinion-check with a trusted recruitment partner to get a better sense of a candidate’s likely long-term performance.

At marketingmoves, our consultants work with you to minimize the risk of falling into such traps, and streamline your marketing recruitment process. Contact us today on 01932 253 352 or email

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