At marketingmoves when we look for candidates for content marketing roles, we’ll often ask to see samples of their work. It’s fantastic when we don’t need to even ask. Why? Because their talent is already out there, ready for the world’s viewing on their own personal blog.

Most marketers working in the B2B Technology space don’t get the luxury of emblazoning their names on their content so a personal blog is a great owned space, where you have the freedom to showcase your knowledge, and most importantly of all, deep interest in your industry/sector.

Teaching others has long been one of the best ways of cementing your own knowledge. It forces you to delve deeper into a topic and to explore it from different angles.

Becoming a thought leader in your field of expertise also connects you to many new people, more than you could meet and get to know at your average conference or ‘meet and greet’. It can be a great catalyser of your network-building and might even get you noticed. You never know, this might lead to a career-changing opportunity.

We spoke to two of the talented marketers whose personal blogs we’ve been following for a little while now: Jake’s That Marketing Guy and Alina’s Brandization blogs.

That MarkeJake blogting Guy contains Jake’s light-hearted and entertaining reflections on the marketing industry as he sees it. He’ll be rating festive TV adverts one moment and examining the pains of ghost writing the next, but whatever topic, it’s always entertaining.

alina blog

For Alina, Brandization is her space to address the challenges and trends within the digital marketing industry from her own perspective.

Keeping up a personal blog isn’t easy, but both have managed to squeeze in time for writing and research between their busy full-time marketing jobs at a software company and an advertising automation company respectively. For them, this investment has been worth it.

We asked them both (on separate occasions) what the best thing has been about blogging so far.

For Alina, it’s like keeping a journal. It has helped her to build her self-awareness and monitor her changing perspectives, skills and ambitions. For Jake too, blogging is all about constantly learning. Whether its listening to podcasts, watching videos or reading others’ blogs, a lot of research goes in to his knowledge-sharing and his brain must be buzzing with it all.

They have both gained a loyal audience that follow, share and comment on posts regularly. A certain percentage of these are C-level marketers, and in Jake’s case, even the VP of a large company has shown their interest. Though Jake has long been asked for marketing advice, whether from ‘one-man band’ businesses to employees at large firms, it has been great to reach an even wider community.

As a marketing recruitment company, we had one more question we were burning to ask: Did they think their blogging efforts had helped them in their career? Did it have any role to play in securing their last job offers?

If nothing else, it’s a good conversation starter, Alina tells us. After all, it is experience to talk about when going for new job opportunities or for networking within your industry. Jake is right when he explains how no one wants to hire someone who isn’t passionate about the field they are working on. If someone can show themselves to be incredibly passionate, their employability will rise. Even in the lead up to ThatMarketingGuy’s launch, Jake got a job interview based on the ‘teaser’ blogs he had written. Though it didn’t lead to his current job, his interviewer really inspired him to keep going, to reach for the stars in and beyond the blogosphere.

A final word from Jake, to pass on some inspiration to other budding bloggers:

‘Writing a blog is so inspiring, it puts you in touch with people you never have met previously and raises your profile within your industry. I couldn’t recommend writing a blog anymore and if you’re passionate about your field, then why not do it, you have nothing to lose! Blogs can be free to run, and mine costs around £10 per month – I have had over 1500 people read my posts and have also been contacted to guest blog for other sites, so it’s worth the investment.’

Before you go, check out our pick of ThatMarketingGuy and Brandizations posts…

For a little light-hearted excursion with ThatMarketingGuy, have a cheeky read of his blog on types of marketers based on Winnie the Pooh!

Or for some deeper musings try Brandization’s post about Social Media, Edited Lives and The Illusion of Belonging


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