Long-awaited but finally here – it’s London Tech Week, the now annual (well, since 2014) 7 day festival celebrating London as a global tech hub and promoting our talent and innovation.

With over 200 events it can seem overwhelming, but with so many specific niches, such as FinTech, security, start-ups, IoT, you’ll be able to navigate to your most relevant events fairly easily. There are unlucky clashes, and by this stage popular events are sold out, so if you’re not already booked in, it’s time to get on it, or try your luck on the day (no guarantees!).

But is there much for tech marketers anyway?

Well that depends on the technology area you work in, as it’s a great opportunity to learn more about key technology and meet experts in your field, by and large, for free. For us, this is really its main appeal.
There are a few marketing specific events too.

The headline is the SEO and Digital Marketing conference ‘Ungagged’, where you’re sure to increase your technical know-how. Though unlike the many free events, the knowledge gained comes at a price and will set you (or your employer) back between £650 and £1200.

You’ll have heard of the B2B Marketing Summit, a big event for the industry which takes place this Wednesday. As you’d expect it’s a great way to refresh your marketing knowledge and get inspired by others’ best practice. Though speakers come from a wide spread of sectors, there’s a good amount of technology focus too with speakers from Vocalink, Demandbase, Thomson Reuters, Juniper Networks (networking) and the IT giant Cisco. This is another paid event, roughly £500 this time.

Various marketing service providers, from Marketo to events data providers and email marketing platforms will also provide some useful free advice and discussion amidst their obligatory sales pitch, which could be good if you’re looking to start using new tech tools.

What are your plans for London Tech Week?
We’d love to hear from you about your highlights. Drop Hazel a line on hedwards@marketingmoves.com

Or alternately, if you’d like to draw on our expertise and discuss the next steps in your technology marketing career, give us a call on +44 (0)1932 253352

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