A surprise silver lining for marketing contractors. New data suggests the vagaries of Brexit have created a renewed demand for interim professionals in the fields of PR, marketing and communications. Leading businesses are turning to interim marketing recruitment to ensure the success of business-critical projects, while avoiding a long term commitment in uncertain times.

Marketing projects are not stopping – after all many are too important to be delayed – but continue with a new scope and focus. With more riding on these campaigns, some companies are turning to more senior marketing professionals to make a positive impact faster. Interim recruitment can be a good short term solution to filling talent gaps at senior level or in specialist areas.

Many companies are also now recognising the importance of moving to digital and data-driven marketing strategies but lack the senior talent to lead such a marketing regeneration. In this high demand area the talent pool is relatively small and an interim manager might be the best person to jump in and lead change. Having seen first-hand what works for others, and importantly, what hasn’t worked, they’re in a unique position to offer valuable insight and authoritative guidance.

Post-Brexit (vote), should Tech Start-Ups be turning to marketing contractors?

Perhaps. We think this could be a particularly important tactic for those companies in the London Tech start-up scene who are likely to be more affected by economic uncertainty than the established giants. Taking risks and trying things out is part and parcel of start-up life, but hiring a superstar marketer to the permanent team can be a leap too far. Bringing in a contractor can bring an important injection of energy and experience, taking a team to the next level in a key stage of their growth. Project complete, there’s space to reassess, go forward together, or to free that marketing contractor to use their genius elsewhere.


For support finding senior or specialist marketing talent on a contract basis, contact me on lbarrett@marketingmoves.com or call on 01932 253 352.


Image Credit: Jeff Djevdet (+ his property website)
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