As you may or may not have heard – MarketingMoves are taking part in Tough Mudder this year to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association in honour of our friend Mike, who was diagnosed a couple of years ago. For the full story, have a look at our fundraising page

For those not in the know, a Tough Mudder challenge is a 10-12 mile run with 25 alarming obstacles, from swimming through mud and ice to being electrocuted. Check out some of the obstacles here and have a little laugh at what we’ve gotten ourselves into…

We’ve all spent months preparing, though admittedly in different ways.

We have…

Our Occasional Runners

occasional runners


Our Committed Gymmers

committed gymers


and finally, our Iron Pumper….

iron pumper


We’re still a way away from our fundraising goal so any donations to this fantastic cause are much appreciated! The day of battle is 24th September…


I want to support the MNDA 🙂

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