This weekend, our MarketingMoves (and friends) team took on our first ever Tough Mudder Challenge and were not beaten (though some went limping home…)! We certainly needed all our team work to battle the muddy, icy, high, slippery, claustrophobic, and (electro-)shocking obstacles that lay in wait for us. I think we’d agree the Arctic Enema obstacle was the most deceptively difficult – its harder swimming through a giant ice bucket than you think!

A BIG thank you to all those who sponsored us and raised a fantastic £2000 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, a cause which is now, like Mike, close to our hearts.

As a reward, take a peak at some of our photos for the day.

marketingmoves team




Bright faces and perfect whites before the start, wonder if it’ll stay that way…




start line






And we’re off, pacemakers in front…







Ultimate teamwork needed for the Pyramid. Things did come crashing down but we made it up in the end. The amount of weight on Pete’s shoulders must have been INSANE.





mud mile




Trying not to fall in face first on the Mud Mile…easy Nathan easy…








Climbing Everest (go on Nathan!)…



race to finish





Running to the shocking finish…

For more, check out our justgiving page


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