As technology in recruitment advances, so do the management styles of recruiters in search of the best talent. As recruiters change their search methods and become reliant on platforms, job boards and software packages that scan keywords, the quality of the search is likely to be impacted.

How AI is changing the rules in recruitment

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have long been predicted as the future of recruitment and an increasing number of organisations now use AI as a part of their recruitment strategy.
  • Machine or ‘Bot’ learning refers to technologies that enable computers to learn and adapt through experience. This mimics human behaviour based on patterns instead of cause and effect.
  • AI is often used to take care of the laborious, repetitive tasks in recruitment with a view to enhance the capabilities of people. It provides automated solutions that help tackle the administrative tasks such as scheduling interviews and acting as virtual assistants to make first contact with candidates.
  • There are also platforms that scan candidate’s information and rank them using a code. This method certainly saves hours of time – but is it up to scratch to deal with complex roles and applications?


The importance of old-school ‘Human Interaction’

  • Recruitment is fundamentally about matching people to a culture and style of team and business. This is even more true of marketing recruitment where emotion and empathy are critical factors.
  • While many large corporates use software packages that scan CVs for keywords, they may be overlooking core skills that are explained in a different manner than the machine is programmed to pick up. In recent news, Amazon experienced the shortcomings of their ‘virtual recruiter’ as its code favoured male applicants because they had applied and been hired for more roles in the past.
  • Flexibility is crucial and candidates are more than just data and numbers. By blindly trusting automated systems, you may spend a lot of time on candidates who are not suitable for the role at hand, based simply on softer skills such as culture fit etc.
  • Having a phone call and meeting in person provides more insight and provides a better understanding of candidates, their personality and experience. Not only does this help to secure top candidates with the core skills required, but it saves time in the long-run as an initial meeting can act as a screening and first-interview, ensuring clients only meet the top candidates.


That is where we come in, at Marketing Moves we have over 25 years-experience recruiting senior marketing professionals for the technology space, globally. We use a plethora of technology to help us identify potential candidates, but have always stayed strong to the basic principles of using human interaction to identify top talent.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with Nathan on: or call 01932 253352

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