US-based Venture Capital-backed SaaS provider specialises in the fast-growing Enterprise Accounting software sector.

With the company in question – a major US SaaS vendor – looking to expand into European markets, our client took the logical step of seeking a new EMEA Marketing Director to oversee operations across the continent.  This however was a special hire, being their first ever marketing employee based in Europe, so required similarly specialist recruitment expertise. Working closely with the US-based CMO, the EMEA Marketing Director was therefore a critical role in enabling the company’s entry into the European market, having also to build and manage a small team of digital marketing experts tasked with building brand awareness and driving demand for the company’s services.

Split into two, the overriding purpose of the role fell into two categories:

  • Goals: Defining quarterly and annual targets for Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) for direct and channel sales organisations.
  • Strategy: Devising a comprehensive brand awareness and demand generation strategy that leverages digital and traditional marketing channels in order to achieve the lead targets.

Because the recruitment of the EMEA Marketing Director carried such critical importance, Marketing Moves knew that the company required someone with experience and seniority to be an effective part of the leadership team, from either a B2B or B2C background. It was also worth understanding that as the expansion was at an early stage, the successful individual would need to be hands-on, possess knowledge of the finance sector and have prior experience of working with a US HQ / parent company.

Due to almost 30 years of experience, our Managing Director Melvin Day had a shortlist in mind pretty quickly given his comprehensive knowledge of the sector and suitable B2B and B2C candidates. Whilst he also networked through the relevant channels just to be doubly sure, he was in no doubt that culture fit and style were of paramount importance to the search – which he made an absolutely key part of his screening process.

From a long list of 20 Melvin worked with the client to narrow this down to a shortlist of six, all of whom could do the job. From this six the successful candidate would be chosen based on personality fit. The format of the interviews involved initial calls with both the the CEO and Sales VP in the US, before more formal meetings in person with both the EMEA Sales lead and other senior business leaders. Marketing Moves are delighted to announce that the successful applicant recently started and was chosen for a combination of culture fit, style, market knowledge and marketing ability – they ticked every box!

“The time we spent with the CMO to develop and agree a clear brief at the start of this project, in addition to regular weekly update calls, made this a very smooth process. It’s also important to note that recruitment isn’t always a one way process, where candidates fall over themselves to work for the client. In this instance – because it was overseas expansion for a US client – the candidate did require a not unreasonable amount of persuasion by myself, the CEO and the Sales VP! I’m delighted that once we three clearly laid out the vision, the candidate was convinced!”

Melvin Day, Managing Director

– Melvin Day, Managing Director

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