Will advances in technology and automation increase contract and interim marketing jobs?

By Laura Barrett, Partner – Contract & Interim, Technology Marketing Recruitment

In the blue-collar areas of the economy, the rise in technology and automation has directly contributed to the parallel rise in flexible employment – think Uber, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Just Eat, Amazon, Sports Direct and so on with varying employment practices across things like zero hour contracts and the gig economy.

Whilst employment law itself still needs to catch up on what is and isn’t allowed, one thing is for certain: a whole new labour market has been created which wasn’t there before, and it’s here to stay.

Despite things like holiday pay, sick pay and even insurance yet to be decided, those that do work in these jobs say it fits around them – whether it be family, location, additional jobs or wider personal circumstances.

This mirrors almost exactly what contract and interim workers say in the white-collar area of employment, who work on day rates for a fixed period of time due to their own unique circumstances – whether it be returning to work after starting a family, having a career break, taking a new career direction or wanting a new challenge.

Increasingly in the news nowadays is how the rise in technology and automation will take over many of the more mundane / straightforward processing jobs, and we here at Marketing Moves think that this change is more likely to fuel the increase of contract and interim marketing jobs in the Technology sector, rather than just lead to a simple reduction in perm roles.

It’s something we’ve witnessed first hand over the last 12 months, with an increasing number of companies approaching us to help find temporary marketing professionals for a fixed period of time, although we’re yet to see any subsequent drop in permanent recruitment.

We’re not the only ones, with a recent McKinsey report agreeing with us:


What do you think – is the advent of AI a good thing for contract and permanent recruitment in the technology marketing sector?

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