David Holton, Director of Americas

Key Details
Consultant: David Holton – Director, Americas
Company: Glasswall Solutions
Role: Vice President (VP) Marketing Communications
Location: Reston, Virginia, USA
Sector: Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Software & Cyber Security Systems

When an award-winning APT software company required a Vice President (VP) of Marketing Communications, they contacted Marketing Moves to deliver this complex transatlantic recruitment project.

Glasswall Solutions is an award-winning Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) software & cyber security systems company based in London. A new client for Marketing Moves, they were able to identify and connect with us by conducting a Google search – proof were it needed that we practice what we preach when it comes to our own inbound digital marketing strategy.

Nicholas Bloom, the company’s Vice President of Partnerships & Alliances, contacted David Holton direct in our United States of America office (USA) to request the immediate recruitment of a VP Marketing Communications, in Weston, Virginia (VA).

This was a net-new position to help develop, lead and drive brand awareness for Glasswall’s growing international marketing team – specifically directing international marketing activity by development of global strategies and tactics to build brand awareness in order to drive qualified leads to the sales team.

With significant growth occurring at Glasswall, it was critical that Marketing Moves was able to identify individuals that were familiar with and successful working in smaller, fast-paced environments, yet, at same time, being able to manage global marketing staff. Candidates also needed to be familiar with both private and public sector security software marketing strategies.

The role therefore required someone with technology sector experience and proven global reach experience. Many candidates that were identified had strong backgrounds in either public or private sectors – finding that right balance between the two required comprehensive due diligence.

To overcome this, David created a campaign where he contacted our network of security software marketers. The best results came from connecting with individuals who had started their careers in large enterprise organizations then had moved to smaller, start-up organizations where they were able to “fine tune” their marketing expertise.

From a long list of just five, two made it to the shortlist and were put forward to interview – which consisted of an initial phone interview with the VP, Partnerships & Alliances and the CFO. The next round was face-to-face interviews with the CFO, VP Partnerships & Alliances, SVP Products and Director of Strategic and Technical Engagement. Final round interview was with the VP Partnerships & Alliances.

The ultimate selection was an incredibly difficult decision for Glasswall as the top two candidates were exceptional individuals. The final decision was based on the candidate with the greater amount of experience working with successful start-ups, who started in April 2019.

The total time of the search from the first contact with Marketing Moves to offer acceptance by the top candidate was 30 days.


“We engaged Dave Holton from Marketing Moves to hire a new VP of Marketing Communications. It’s a key role at any time, but particularly for a company at that stage in our lifecycle. It was imperative that Dave presented us with first-class candidates that not only has the requisite skill-set to perform the job, but that he also understood what kind of person would be a good cultural fit for our organization. He exceeded all expectations. Not only did Dave move at lightning speed on a very tight timeline, but the quality of all his proposed candidates was outstanding. In that respect, he made my job extremely difficult! I cannot recommend Marketing Moves highly enough and I have no hesitation in giving them my unqualified endorsement.”

–  Nicholas Bloom, Vice President, Partnerships & Alliances, May 2019

David Holton, Director of Americas

To discuss in confidence how Marketing Moves can support your organisation’s growth, please contact David by any of the means below:

+1 (916) 474-4680
+1 (530) 412-2031

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