CASE STUDY: Marketing Moves Completes Successful USA Recruitment of Digital Marketing Manager for growing Software / SaaS Company!

David Holton

Key Details
Consultant: David Holton, Director of Americas
Sector: Software / SaaS
Role: Digital Marketing Manager
Location: Boston, MA, United States

When a growing software company needed to build its US marketing function in order to expand its presence in North America, they contacted Marketing Moves Director of Americas David Holton to deliver this vital recruitment project.

The software / SaaS company specialise in digital smart assistants which use artificial intelligence (AI) to replicate human engagement and perform data-driven conversational marketing. Successful machine learning of this kind is proven to more than double engagement and increase sales by almost 10%, and the company’s software is used by the likes of Microsoft, Canon, Mizuno and Amazon.

Reporting to the VP Marketing, the company required a Digital Marketing Manager who was both creative and strategic – who can combine their experience and love of data to build strategic data-driven campaigns, drive brand awareness and increase lead/demand generation. The role involved setting up, implementing, and managing all digital marketing activities for the US.

As a smaller, growing company, the client had strict limits on the compensation range. The Boston marketplace has a great amount of candidates with the skills required, but many of these candidates are at the senior level and have greater salary requirements than what the client could offer.

Having conducted several marketing searches in the Boston area, David started his recruitment process with a database search of known candidates with marketing / digital skills. After his database search, he then turned his focus to networking and referrals along with Social Media, SEO and keyword searches.

Because most candidates in the Boston area had either too little or an overabundance of skills and experience, David had to adjust his search to include buy-in from the client to consider candidates that had the right degree of experience but in slightly different industries – as opposed to pure technology companies. In order to get this buy-in from the client, it was important that these candidates had rock-solid marketing skills.

From a long list of 27, four made it to the shortlist. Each conducted three comprehensive video interviews: one with HR, one with the VP Marketing and one with the CMO – followed by one face-to-face interview with the VP Marketing. After healthy discussion the successful candidate was chosen based on their strong skill set, personality, passion and leadership experience. This candidate accepted the role based on the position and growth opportunity of the organization.

David Holton, Director of Americas

To discuss in confidence how Marketing Moves can support your organisation’s growth, please contact David by any of the means below:

+1 (916) 474-4680
+1 (530) 412-2031

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