Jacob Alderin

Key Details
Consultant: Jacob Alderin, Senior Partner
Client: Currencycloud
Sector: Payment Software
Roles: 5 critical roles within a 10 person team:

  • Senior Segment Marketing Manager
  • Segment Marketing Manager (x2)
  • Communications Manager
  • Interim Senior Communications Manager (contract)

Payments start-up Currencycloud has been experiencing massive growth over recent years, requiring the structure of the marketing team to keep up with the company’s pace as it moved to scale-up.  A team restructure led to the creation of a number of new roles, which Marketing Moves was critical to helping fill.

As Currencycloud evolved from start-up to scale-up, the marketing team wasn’t keeping up. The team had been trying to be too generalist, and have everyone do a little bit of everything.  Following a restructure to create several specialised new roles, Marketing Moves began advising on bringing in quality marketing experts to fill the new vacancies.  

The team had shifted to focusing on customer segments, and were looking for highly skilled marketers with expertise they could devote to a specific segment. Jacob Alderin, Senior Partner, worked closely with the new Currencycloud Marketing VP and internal recruitment team to source high calibre individuals who would meet the brief.  

The roles were varied, the budget was tight, and because the team had been overhauled, Currencycloud needed to find candidates as quickly as possible and work to a method that would complement their internal recruitment strategy.

Jacob used his extensive knowledge and network of the industry to source a number of potential candidates across all levels. Over two months, Jacob and the VP Marketing spoke almost daily to move candidates through the four-stage process. The first role to be hired was the Senior Marketing Manager, who started in February 2019.  This was quickly followed by another Marketing Manager and the Communications Manager who both began working with Currencycloud in March 2019.

Jacob also used his internal connections at Marketing Moves to connect the Currencycloud team to a stellar candidate for a contract role in the team, through the contracting team headed by Laura Barrett.

Marketing Moves was essential to helping to turn around the marketing team at Currencycloud.  Contributing to finding several candidates who successfully secured their roles has been a game-changer.  With the team now in place, the successful applicants that Marketing Moves sourced are thriving and are a perfect fit with company culture.  


‘It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jacob.  I could not have gotten my team off the ground without him and Marketing Moves. His insight into the market and guidance throughout the interview process was extremely helpful. Having worked with other agencies both as part of this process and in previous roles, Jacob stands out as someone who genuinely cares about the work he does and that is reflected in the high quality candidates that get put forward. There’s no time wasted – every candidate is a potentially good fit.”

– Sarah Hanafy, VP Marketing, Currencycloud

Jacob Alderin

To discuss how Marketing Moves can support your organisation, please contact Jacob by any of the means below:

+44 (0) 1932 253 352
+44 (0) 7827 340 055


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