Talent Profile: VP Marketing & Communications, Cyber Security / SaaS

Marketing Moves is currently representing an exceptional CyberSecurity SaaS VP Marketing & Communications who will shortly be available and is currently interviewing. In his current role the team of five which he leads has delivered the following results under his direction in the last six months alone:

  • Doubled organic leads
  • Increased website traffic by 600%
  • Reduced lead acquisition costs by 50%


The CyberSecurity SaaS company was switching from a legacy, on-premise document automation platform to a cloud-based, SaaS offering in the Customer Communications Management category, with a more modern and robust set of features. 

As this was a new market for their technology, the company had no reputation in this space, and was having to educate the market on both the space and the brand. 

The reason the company was entering the new space was because the core product was growing obsolete. The company historically offered print-based tools and was trying to expand its sales in a digital market by building a new side of its brand.


The VP Marketing & Communications interviewed customers (approx 20 across insurance, finance and manufacturing) to find what their key drivers were and developed messaging that resonated with those drivers. His team then relaunched the website with a focus on SEO and released content that positioned them as industry experts.

No effort had previously been spent to rank for the terms relevant to the new space. They used content, social and blogging for SEO purposes, as well as link building and on-site technical modifications such as URLs, titles and anchors. 

Analytics was integrated into all campaigns (email, social, paid, display) and by optimizing for conversion and ROI, they were able to decrease lead acquisition costs by 50%, from $200 down to $100. On the organic side, SEO efforts increased traffic by 600% from 4k to 24k, and doubled organic leads from 670 to over 1300.


The VP Marketing & Communications possesses a technical background that includes web and database development as well as analytics. He possesses a strong understanding of analytics due to his technical mindset, with previous experience in all positions utilizing analytics and he studied analytics at MIT.

This diverse background gives him insight into what makes campaigns “tick” and the experience to apply metrics to quickly spot trends and solve problems. He’s a hands-on manager that believes in mentoring to build a strong, successful team – in this case a team of six.


The initial research and foundations took about 4 months, mostly due to internal resource constraints. Once they were in place, they saw an immediate reduction in cost. Paid media began to improve within a month, with continual improvement scheduled for the next 9 months, and the organic elements began showing a return after two months.


“His experience in search, both SEM and SEO is surpassed by very few. He understands technology and how to leverage it to drive revenue and reporting.”

“He created a search application for the business that drove tens of millions of dollars in lead revenue, and he instituted and optimized marketing campaigns across our business. He is a great colleague and a pleasure to work with!”

“He is an invaluable member of the management team. He is adept at maximizing revenue while reducing costs.”

“He has strong product/business and entrepreneurial skills with a keen sense of technology, consumers, markets and opportunity. One of his unique strengths is his ability to consistently “see around the next corner” ahead of competition.”


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David Holton

To arrange an interview or to discuss in confidence how Marketing Moves can support your organisation’s growth, please contact David by any of the means below:

+1 (916) 474-4680
+1 (530) 412-2031

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