VP Corporate Marketing Delivers
$3million annual sales increase


When an email marketing specialist needed to grow bottom line revenue, they desperately required VP Corporate Marketing Recruitment. After working with Marketing Moves, their new VP Corporate Marketing delivered annual sales increase of $3million with 12 months.


Upon his arrival at the email marketing company, it was quickly apparent that the marketing and sales teams had very little in the way of a content marketing engine to fuel their outbound and brand development efforts.  Due to its very unique position in the email sending ecosystem, the company was sitting on a virtual goldmine of anonymized sender and receiver data, with which it was not doing enough, if anything at all.

The Team

His immediate team featured four direct reports across thought leadership, PR/AR and online. His extended team included the professional services team, account-based marketing group, demand generation and international marketing teams.


Working with his direct team of five, he quickly worked to align them on a single, integrated calendar-driven approach to content creation and related outbound activities.  They focused on establishing a yearly “State of the Email Ecosystem” global report, supported by smaller quarterly, more-focused reports that broke down specific topics in greater detail.

These efforts were then integrated with the global marketing calendar, focusing on key marketing events in specific regions and using those milestones as a focal point around which to ramp up content generation.  By creating specific topics in relation to industry events and other key milestones, they were able to control the conversation in the marketplace and illustrate the leadership position. Their PR and AR efforts around these reports were the cornerstone of all outreach.

With a solid content marketing plan in place, he then made sure to align his peers – working closely with the demand generation team, account-based marketing team and sales leads to coordinate all outbound efforts, online advertising and messaging points.  Reports were introduced internally first, making sure to fine-tune key talking points and also provide one-page presentation content for easy emailing to key accounts. Content marketing served as the anchor of website lead generation and blog content, driving quality leads from both business- and technical-decision makers for the sales team.

In addition, he worked closely with the executive management team to not only ensure that their messaging was in sync, but to utilize them as part of the outreach in the form of PR interviews and webcasts to launch the current report and alike.


Creating this engine was certainly no easy task – one that was initially met with scepticism by his core team.  But true to his hands-on approach, he showed the team the blueprint on how to build and execute this successfully, and the team reacted by not only adopting that blueprint but making it their own, customizing and building upon it in new and creative ways. For example, with targeted content in hand, their social media efforts blossomed, creating yet another channel through which they could disseminate messaging.

One key aspect of any large-scale, corporate-wide effort is in establishing a few quick wins to show both traction and effectiveness of the program.  Very quickly, as the initial numbers showed strong a return, the momentum shift across the entire organization could be felt, as individuals started to request to be guest bloggers, webcast speakers and trade show participants.


Within three months of his arrival, the integrated effort was in place and being executed.  In just one quarter afterwards, metrics were illustrating considerable momentum and growth.



  • The integrated content creation strategy resulted in over $400K in closed revenue and $1.4 million in additional new pipeline over a two-quarter span
  • Increased social media presence over 300%
  • Increased web presence by 25%
  • Increased and PR share of voice in consecutive quarters


“He is a visionary brand marketer and very strong leader who successfully re-branded and re-positioned our company at a critical point in its life cycle.”

– Global Head of Trade Marketing

VP Corporate Marketing Recruitment

To discuss in confidence how Marketing Moves can support your organisation’s growth, please contact David by any of the means below:

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