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When a successful IT Services & Consultancy company needed to recruit a Digital Marketing Manager to realise the next stage of their growth, they approached Marketing Moves’ Jack Berry to successfully deliver this important recruitment project. 

Key Details 

Jack Berry - Partner
Jack Berry, Partner

Consultant: Jack Berry, Partner
Company Contact: Director
Industry sector: IT Services & Consultancy
Role Recruited: Digital Marketing Manager
Location: London, United Kingdom


The company’s success was due to its excellent services and product offerings, gaining an excellent reputation from the clients it had serviced. In order to reach the next stage of its growth, a greater emphasis needed to be placed on Marketing. The company therefore required the recruitment of a Digital Marketing specialist to join and enhance the marketing team.

What does a Digital Marketing Manager do?

The company needed to recruit a Digital Marketing Manager in order to develop, implement, track and optimise digital marketing campaigns across all digital channels. 

Specifically, this meant planning and executing B2B digital marketing campaigns, such as web, re-targeting, SEO/SEM, email and social media

As the company’s digital expert, they would be the custodian of social media presence across all digital channels, then measuring and reporting on the performance of all digital marketing campaigns.

Why is it hard to recruit a Digital Marketing Manager?

The challenge in any recruitment process is finding a candidate with the correct mix of skills required by the role who then also matches the company’s culture, is willing to move jobs in the required timescale and of course the big one: the person is within the salary budget. And this recruitment process was no exception!

In order to guarantee success, Jack met and consulted with the company’s Director to really understand the business and requirements for the position. Rather than simply receive a passive instruction, Jack proactively worked with the client to create the job description of the role. Carefully investing this time at the start of the process ensured that Jack put forward the right candidates at the end. 

How did Jack recruit a Digital Marketing Manager?

Jack’s approach was four-fold, and ensured that every single possible hire was contacted.

Firstly, he began by searching the Marketing Moves database, which is the world’s largest repository of technology marketing professionals having been painstakingly curated over 30 years. He then consulted with suitable candidates who were already in his professional network, to discuss the possibilities of this role and their potential interest. 

In order to cover every eventuality, Jack then advertised the role on both the Marketing Moves website, which reaches our entire database in our monthly newsletter. Finally, Jack completed a proactive online search to ensure that any hitherto unknown candidates were also discovered. 

Choosing the right Digital Marketing Manager for interview

The result of Jack’s work was a longlist of eight candidates. Jack met each one, so that he could analyse their relevant experience and ascertain whether they would be a match culturally. After careful consideration, Jack submitted a shortlist of four applicants for interview. 

This interview process consisted of a three stage interview process, meeting various members of the team face-to-ace. 

We’re delighted to announce that the company hired one of the individuals from the shortlist. Both the client and candidate are very happy with the appointment and Jack is now supporting the company on further marketing roles.

Get in touch with Jack

Jack Berry - Partner
Jack Berry, Partner

To discuss in confidence how Marketing Moves can support your organisation’s growth, such as a Digital Marketing Manager recruitment project, you can contact Jack by any of the means below.

+44 (0) 20 3911 6757
+44 (0) 7854 311 718

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