VP Global B2B Marketing Revolutionizes Demand Generation Engine for Leading Global Stock Image Company


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David Holton

Marketing Moves Director of Americas David Holton  is currently working with a world-class VP Global B2B Marketing who is looking to take the next step in their career. If you’d like to discuss their suitability for your company, you can contact David by any of the means below:

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Global Stock Image Company

The company is a leading global image stock company, which also includes vectors, graphics, videos and music. With annual revenues of $650 million and employing over 700 people, the company is listed on the NYSE and a member of the S&P 600 Component.

Increasing Forecasts and Exceeding Targets

With the Demand Generation engine set for a negative ROI projection for the third year in a row, the company’s new VP Global B2B Marketing set about reversing this trend to a 5:1 projection by end of year. As a result, the 2020 forecast increased by 25% and achieved 130% of the Q1 target. 

Blue Chip Tech Expertise

With a career history covering GE, Siemens and Kaspersky Labs amongst others, this VP is a blue-chip tech marketing executive specializing in technology and cyber security who has bridged the C-Level divide between sales and corporate marketing throughout his career. 

Demand Generation Engine

The VP was recruited by the Chief Marketing Officer to develop a B2B revenue generation engine that produced repeatable and forecastable quarterly bookings. The VP was also tasked with driving brand awareness and demand by impactful messaging, tools, product launches and global events. Until the VP’s appointment, the demand generation engine was a cost center that lost the company significant revenue. 

Working Side by Side With Sales

As a revenue marketer, the VP dissected the funnel to find areas where they could optimize for both quantity and quality of programs and processes. The VP re-architected the funnel to focus on high-ROI programs that would deliver maximum impact to Sales. A critical success component was working hand in hand with Sales to develop and manage the funnel from first contact to deal closure. 

Pitching the Entire Portfolio

Messaging and focus were key.  When the VP joined, the Demand team was essentially pushing only one part of the overall portfolio.  The VP changed the messaging to focus on the problems that customers were facing and matched solutions from the company’s holistic portfolio to the customer pain points.  The company went from leaving money on the table to capturing more opportunities because they were pitching the entire portfolio.

Cross-functional Teamwork

The VP led a team of 6 direct reports, along with their teams.  It also included a cross-functional team of sales managers and sales operations managers to optimize the overall process.

Short and Long Term Results

In just one quarter the VP Global B2B Marketing took the Demand Generation engine from a negative ROI projection, for the third year in a row, to a 2 to 1 ROI, with a projection to be 4 or 5 to 1 ROI by year’s end.  The VP increased the 2020 forecast by 25% and in Q1 achieved 130% of target. 

Global CMO, Stock Image Company

“The VP is a true B2B Marketing expert who, within a week of joining my team, developed a strategy to turn the Enterprise Marketing team into a growth engine. The VP turned a negative ROI demand generation engine into positive ROI within one quarter, developing and implementing customer-centric problem messaging to change the way sales engages with prospects. 

The VP developed and implemented a new brand essence that clearly articulates the value proposition of the company, elevating the brand and the sales conversation. The VP quickly understood the needs of our customers and translated our products and services into solutions for those needs.

The VP’s clear vision of how to build B2B Marketing into a revenue growth engine delivered immediate impact. The VP also served as an invaluable member of my Leadership team more generally – the VP was wise counsel on any number of occasions on issues of business or marketing strategy, human capital, etc. The VP is proactive, thoughtful, and cares about the success of both the company and the team.”


To discuss in confidence how Marketing Moves can support your organisation’s growth, you can contact David by any of the means below:

technology marketing recruitment
David Holton

+1 (916) 474-4680
+1 (530) 412-2031

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