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It’s easy to panic or to think short term, but those companies which treated their employees well during lockdown will enjoy low rates of attrition and attract the best available talent in the years to come.

That’s because one of the key questions candidates will be asking is: “Can you tell me how you looked after staff during the pandemic?”

Businesses need to make sure they have their answer road-tested, reliable and ready to go.

Here are some of the key things that we’ve seen more progressive clients do:

1. Asked each employee what choice they wanted to make.
2. Furloughed those employees who chose it, with full HR guidance. Topping up salaries for those furloughed.
3. Offered full work from home equipment support to all active employees
4. Held twice weekly Zoom calls with all employees – not just active. Also had Individual one-on-ones once a week.
5. Offered the chance to furloughed workers to choose when they returned.
6. Encouraging staff to take time off – even more important in times of increased pressures on mental health

What are the best things that your company did for employees during lockdown?


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