VP Marketing & Communications helps create over $8million in qualified pipeline in just five months for global SaaS company.



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David Holton

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When a global SaaS fraud prevention company specialising in eCommerce needed to raise brand awareness to win multi-million dollar deals, they looked to their VP Marketing & Communications to increase media coverage for their product.

About the Company

The company is a software as a service (SaaS) company that provides fraud prevention technology for eCommerce businesses, employing 250+ people across the world.

The Problem

When the VP Marketing & Communications joined the company, senior management were concerned that the company, which has an outstanding product, was unknown in the market. The company had lost deals because both the decision maker and key external consultants to the decision maker had never heard of the company. This was compounded by the fact that they had heard of the competition.

The Reason

Prior to the VP’s arrival, considerable financial agreements were in place with PR agencies in both the US and UK. Despite this, the company had failed to generate the media coverage needed to build awareness. This caused the relationships to become fraught, which in turn led to the mismanagement of the agency relationship. Things became so bad that the company was fired by both its agencies in the both US and the UK – an incredibly rare double occurrence.

The Solution

Upon his arrival, the VP Marketing & Communications had to pick up the pieces, rehiring and onboarding new agencies in both the US and UK. The clear goals were to increase media coverage and brand awareness of the company.


In the past, the company had set targets, stepped away and expected results. When these results failed to materialise, the relationship became strained with finger-pointing, recrimination and blame from all sides.

This VP Marketing & Communications is different.

Rather than rely on an agency which had over-promised in a pitch (which by nature they are encouraged to do to win the work), the VP endeavoured to work in parallel with them.

In order to support the company’s product launches, the VP built and executed on a content marketing strategy. This strategy consisted of developing thought leadership content that was based on e-Commerce data that the company had from its customers’ transactions, other industry research, and primary research that they conducted on our target audience.

This research was then used to create anchor assets such as white papers and eBooks, and a series of derivative assets such as infographics, videos and articles.

The VP personally wrote press releases that featured the research in regard to provocative findings and how the company solved their target audience’s problem.

From there they created a “rolling thunder” PR strategy that supported the company’s product launches based on the data highlighted in their research.

The Difference

The VP created a strong emphasis on expectation setting with the PR agencies, both internally and externally. Working with both to build launch plans, the VP supported them with access to an expanded bench of company spokespeople, and expanded the bench of spokespeople, including media training in Europe. This ensured that internal expectations were appropriately set and went a long way to managing the agency relationship.

The VP also created metrics that measured agency performance, which both agencies exceeded.


The VP’s hard work, dedication and fanatical attention to detail resulted in a more than threefold increase in media coverage, as well as a 100% increase in unaided brand awareness as measured by primary research in October 2019 and March 2020.

Most importantly, two product launches supported with this program created over $8million in qualified pipeline within 2 months of launch. The entire project from start to finish was just five months.


“Hard working, organized, and motivating leader. Strongly led efforts across many teams including lead generation, product marketing and corporate marketing. Had a hand in everything from PR to sales to product – was the marketing face! Wonderful person to work for. Is kind, listens, and really challenges you to think about why you are making the decisions you make. Forward thinker and really allowed me to lead the creative effort. I felt like I had complete creative freedom. Encouraged me to be a strong director and leader and really prepared me for future leadership. I felt like everything was under control with them. Is a wonderful communicator to the company and the team. I felt as if I was part of the decision making and not just being ordered around. I highly recommend them to work as an SVP of Marketing or CMO. Will help any business define their brand strategy and see that’s its implemented across all challenges to achieve maximum ROI. They are up on all the latest marketing trends and efforts. Knows how to build a flourishing team that will want to succeed for your business. I would work for them again in any situation.”

– Creative Director

“An amazing marketing leader who has mastered all aspects of the marketing stack: branding/creative, demand generation/tech/operations, product marketing/messaging/storytelling, and partner/alliance marketing. An amazing communicator, has a great stage/speaking presence, and all-around nice to be around. I would work with or for them again in a heartbeat.”



To discuss in confidence how Marketing Moves can support your organisation’s growth, you can contact David by any of the means below:

technology marketing recruitment
David Holton

+1 (916) 474-4680
+1 (530) 412-2031

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