VP Global Digital Marketing reduces marketing production costs by $3.5million per year


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David Holton

Marketing Moves Director of Americas David Holton  is currently working with an exceptional VP Global Digital Marketing who is looking to take the next step in their career. If you’d like to discuss their suitability for your company, you can contact David by any of the means below:

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Company Details

Status: NYSE listed
Annual Revenues: $2billion+
Employees: 8500+
Sector: Enterprise Software



The company’s VP Global Digital Marketing & CX Transformation Practice has driven the most prominent digital transformation in the company’s history – a megadata warehouse and analytics provider. 

With 160 marketers worldwide but just 30 specialising in digital, the VP was faced with the daunting task of creating both the business case and the sense of urgency for such a transformation.


The Project

The business case was straightforward: the company must accelerate digital efforts and pivot from a hardware to a software company to retain existing and attract new customers. In doing so, he needed to change the brand perception of a traditional legacy company to a modern digital entity by implementing an ambitious vision around customer-centric experience.

The company was attached to conventional ways of doing things such as purely face to face sales. Getting people to act quickly, and move to a hybrid model with the introduction of online subscription – via high touch digital channels – was the ultimate challenge. 

The VP’s methodology consisted of several critical strategic and operational elements to instill a “Digital First” mindset throughout the organization.



In just over 12 months, he delivered the following: 

  • Launched the digital marketing strategy within the first three months of joining the company
  • Defined of company’s digital marketing strategic imperatives for the next 3-5 years 
  • Declared the six digital transformation guiding principles 
  • Developed organization level talent upgrade planning dialogue / actions 
  • Changed the company GTM strategy from brand awareness only to brand-to-demand
  • Delivered new requirements for Mar-tech stack 
  • Developed business KPIs and target goals 
  • Introduced Customer Experience Centric approach company-wide 
  • Developed the analytics engine (dashboards) via PowerBI reports extracting insights to deliver  business outcomes driving the data-driven decision-making process 
  • Unified Customer digital experience by breaking organization silos to an omnichannel view 
  • In March 2020, pivoted the company’s in-person business to 100% digital to minimize COVID-19  business impact 
  • Placed the company’s digital transformation efforts on display as a challenger brand to competitors by winning the 2019 global digital marketing transformation award
  • Changed Content Marketing creation model to develop relevant content and ongoing optimization
  • Launched a digital studio – newsroom type model to accelerate the launch of new global level  demand generation campaigns. 

The company’s VP Global Digital Marketing has made an undeniable impact on the organization’s cross-functional, global effort to forge a new, successful path – transforming them into a growth and modern digital company.



To discuss this candidate in detail, you can contact David by any of the means below:

technology marketing recruitment
David Holton

+1 (916) 474-4680
+1 (530) 412-2031

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