Marketing Moves recruits new US-based VP Sales & Marketing for UK B2B Lead & Revenue Generation Agency


Key Details

technology marketing recruitment
David Holton, Director of Americas

Consultant:  Dave Holton, Director of Americas
Contact:        Global Talent & Workstyle Director
Sector:           Revenue Generation Agency – Digital Marketing
Role title:      VP Sales and Marketing
Location:       USA remote
Dates:             21 July  – 21 Aug 2020


When a leading revenue generation agency in the UK needed to expand their US operations to meet growing demand, they leveraged Marketing Moves’ global recruitment team to find their perfect hire: a new VP Sales & Marketing.

The Role

Based remotely in the US, the VP Sales & Marketing was needed to oversee the external positioning of the company’s solutions portfolio – as a business that could truly support modern revenue generation functions in global enterprises. 

Working with executive leaders to design and execute the client’s GTM plan and own sales growth globally, the successful applicant would implement best-in-class B2B marketing solutions and adopt new and emerging technologies for a global audience.

The Challenge

Rather than being a straightforward client-side VP Sales & Marketing role, the successful candidate was required to design a GTM plan for a portfolio of revenue generating products and services that integrated digital marketing, sales and customer success. Needing to achieve aggressive growth targets, the position-holder was also required to monitor market performance and explore new markets for growth opportunities.

As one might imagine, finding someone who could do all this against a relatively modest salary budget was restricting the level of candidate the client was searching for.


The Solution

Luckily for them, this is not Dave’s first rodeo. He conducted in-depth database searches and contacted suitable people from his digital sales and marketing connections. He then created numerous social media postings and website listings – all designed to utilize his network carefully built up over two decades. 

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, unemployment is extremely high. This resulted in receiving over 500 applications from just one of the social media tools that was used. Thanks to his years of experience, Dave was able to carefully sift through all the applications and consider only those candidates that met the client’s criteria. 

One key difference to this search was this consideration of unemployed applicants. Typically, all candidates considered are gainfully employed. This change in search strategy – to include the high unemployment rates of qualified candidates – was a huge weight of work that may have been too much for inexperienced or generic recruitment consultants. 

The Outcome

With so many candidates to consider, Dave produced a larger-than-average longlist of 15 candidates, which he whittled down to a similarly larger-than-average shortlist of six. Each candidate then undertook the interview process, which consisted of three video conference interviews – one of which included a 30 minute mock problem resolution presentation.

After days of careful consideration, one successful applicant was chosen based on a combination of their sales, marketing and leadership strengths / qualities. The position recently started with everything operating smoothly and all parties pleased.



technology marketing recruitment
David Holton, Director of Americas

To discuss in confidence how Marketing Moves can support your organisation’s growth, please contact David by any of the means below:

+1 (916) 474-4680
+1 (530) 412-2031

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