When it comes to Product Marketing Director recruitment, organizations needs the world’s most experienced Product Marketing Director recruiter. That’s why when hyper-growth CyberSecurity company Deepwatch needed to build their marketing organization from the ground up, they trusted Marketing Moves to deliver this pivotal position. 

Recruitment Details

technology marketing recruitment
David Holton, Director of Americas

Consultant:  Dave Holton, Director of Americas
Sector:           CyberSecurity
Role title:      Product Marketing Director
Location:       USA remote

About Deepwatch

Deepwatch, Inc. provides intelligence-driven managed cyber security services to minimize, detect, and rapidly respond to perpetually evolving cyber-attacks and threats against organizations.

Its cloud SecOps platform powers highly tailored, highly automated, and highly effective Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Managed Endpoint Detection andResponse (MEDR) and Vulnerability Management (VM) services trusted by the world’s leading enterprises. Deepwatch’s team of cyber security experts relentlessly work with company’s internal teams to protect its digital assets, employees, and customers.

The company was founded in 2018 and has headquarter regions in Denver, Colorado, St. Petersburg, Florida, and Herndon, Virginia.

Company Details

Company: Deepwatch
Website: www.deepwatch.com
Founded: 2018
Funding: Series B, $53M
Total raised: $76M
Employees: 350+
Company HQ: Denver, CO
Investors: ABS Capital Partners, Goldman Sachs

Why did Deepwatch instruct Marketing Moves?

Contacted by the company’s Talent Director, Marketing Moves’ Director of Americas David Holton was tasked with recruiting Deepwatch’s new Product Marketing Director. The role was paramount to creating and articulating the messaging and positioning for Deepwatch services. Founded in 1991, Marketing Moves is the world’s leading and oldest specialist Technology Marketing recruitment company. 

What will the Product Marketing Director do?

Working remotely across the US, the company’s new Product Marketing Director was required to achieve business success and profitable growth by the following actions:

  • provide support for demand generation campaigns
  • develop and deliver sales and partner training
  • coordinate product launch/release
  • produce sales tools, collateral, and competitive profiles
  • evangelize services internally and externally 

Challenges when recruiting in the Great Resignation

Marketing Moves was instructed to identify the best candidates across the US for this position at the height of what became known as the great resignation – created by COVID-19. This brought together a perfect storm of high salaries, high competition and low available talent pool. 

As a result, Deepwatch was competing against several other companies looking for individuals with similar skill sets. Due to the high demand of qualified candidates and a low candidate pool, time was of the essence in identifying, interviewing and selecting the right candidate.

Expert Product Marketing Director Recruitment

Due to the extenuating circumstances of the US job market, this was not the type of executive search where simple online advertisements could be placed and suitable candidates would apply. Instead, David began a comprehensive process of extensive networking, analysing hundreds of passive candidates in situ with their companies, and not actively seeking to change role. 

After weeks of arduous work speaking to dozens of people in his network – and the best potential applicants – David was able to secure a referral to an ideal candidate. The next challenge was to have that candidate become interested in the company and the role that was being represented.

Besides presenting the company as an excellent and potentially career-defining opportunity, David advised Deepwatch that they needed to be more competitive with salary and benefits. The range that the search started with just wasn’t going to meet the needs of the type of candidate that the company required. Thanks to his expert consultative approach, David was able to attract the absolute best candidate from another leading company by increasing the high end of the salary range and adding additional concessions.

A swift interview process secures the best candidate

Due to the hiring climate, David created a longlist that was the same length as a usual shortlist. From this he put forward two finalist candidates for the shortlist interviews. 

Thankfully, David’s contacts at Deepwatch were incredibly wise in how they handled the interview process. Exceptional candidates are often lost at interview stage when the process is dragged over several weeks if not months – especially when the best applicants have multiple offers from rival companies. Instead, Deepwatch did not let time get away from them and kept the process going with three interviews over ten days – at which point a final decision and offer was made.

The successful candidate was selected based on several criteria including previous experience in the technology sector, team building skills, and the ability to hit the ground running. They have been in the post for several months now and they are doing excellently. Deepwatch has surpassed several of their goals this year including adding an additional 120 employees to the company headcount.


“Deepwatch continues to use Marketing Moves for hiring including the most recent hiring of a Director of Public Relations that we sourced and placed at Deepwatch.”

– Doug McDonald, Talent Director, Deepwatch


technology marketing recruitment
David Holton, Director of Americas

If your organization requires Product Marketing Director recruitment, please contact David by any of the means below to discuss in confidence how Marketing Moves can support your organisation’s growth,

+1 (916) 474-4680
+1 (530) 412-2031

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