SHL, the world’s leading HR data science SaaS company, required a new Field Marketing Manager for the Americas due to year on year growth. They approached Marketing Moves’ in the UK to deliver this critical trans-atlantic role. 

Recruitment Details

technology marketing recruitment
David Holton, Director of Americas

Consultant:  Dave Holton, Director of Americas
Sector:          HR Tech
Keywords:    SaaS, Data Science, Employee Performance, Productivity, Analytics, Big Data, Talent Audit, Software
Role title:     Field Marketing Manager – Americas
Location:      Remote, Continental US
Instructed:  January 18, 2022
Hired:            March 14, 2022

About SHL

SHL’s science and technology maximizes the potential of a company’s greatest asset – the people. From talent acquisition to talent management, SHL helps companies create the diverse, agile, and innovative workforce they need to succeed in an unpredictable environment.

SHL’s data-driven people insights allow businesses to accurately and objectively identify potential and fit. Its unmatched portfolio of products, driven by a team of over 300 people scientists, helps measure skill, personality, motivation, job fit, and behavior. SHL delivers engaging experiences built on science, which are all delivered through global expert services. 

Company Details 

Company: SHL
Founded: 1977
Employees: 2000+
HQ: Thames Ditton, Surrey, UK


With SHL experiencing year over year growth, the company approached Marketing Moves to recruit a new Americas Field Marketing Manager to help lighten the load. 

Headquartered near London, UK, the company’s CMO was UK-based and the Director of Americas Field Marketing was located in New York, USA. 

This set-up of SHL’s UK / USA operations was conveniently mirrored exactly by Marketing Moves, with our London HQ and our Director of Americas David Holton located in the greater San Francisco Bay Area  to deliver this dual time zone recruitment project. 

The Role

The Americas Field Marketing Manager was required to establish and implement an Americas marketing plan focused on capturing new business in the enterprise, strategic and core segments. 

The plan would need to be aligned to sales targets and priority markets for new business/whitespace, whilst both retaining and cross-selling into existing customers. 

As such, the role holder would work with the regional leader, commercial sales, professional services, global campaigns, customer programs and brand. 

All of these collaborations would ensure the successful co-development and execution of a fully integrated Americas marketing plan. 

Specifically, they would need to:

  • Develop data driven plans and measure outcomes
  • Collaborate on strategy, campaigns and tactics 
  • Implement and manage ABM strategies and programs
  • Work with the Solutions, Campaign, Brand, and Product Marketing teams to leverage corporate-wide marketing capabilities and skills and ensure compliance to brand marketing standards
  • Contribute to the management of an internal Americas regional calendar, sharing with the Americas commercial leadership and team as needed 
  • Independently manage projects from problem identification/conception to completion with periodic guidance from line manager.

The Challenge

This growth orientated role required someone who could roll up their sleeves and jump right in. The successful applicant needed to be creative, have a strong desire to take on new challenges and the ability to figure things out. 

For obvious reasons, the combination of such attractive character traits – as well as the extensive experience required for the plethora of role responsibilities – made the recruitment of such an individual exceptionally difficult. 

Luckily for SHL, Marketing Moves’ David Holton specializes in finding top marketing talent for challenging roles. 

The Solution

David began his extensive executive search by conducting exhaustive use of social media and job boards. He searched the unmatched Marketing Moves database, which contains the world’s best tech marketing professionals stored since our inception in 1991. 

He then analyzed the most qualified candidates from his recent and similar searches, before reaching out to his extensive network for their referrals. 

To stay ahead of the curve, David’s approach was different to other recruiters. Rather than follow the remit and approach people only in the SaaS sector, David knows when to follow the spec and when he needs to go outside the usual parameters in order to identify and secure the absolute best available candidate.

With this in mind, he focused almost exclusively on data science and analytics companies as opposed to pure SaaS platform companies. Of course, candidates did need to have SaaS platform company experience in their background, but David correctly figured that the data science aspect was the key to success for this recruitment project. 

With David, less is more. So rather than wasting the client’s time with unsuitable people, David knows only to put forward those that absolutely hit the mark – it’s just one of many secrets to his success. 

Setting his plan into action, David was able to create a longlist of five suitable candidates which was narrowed down to a shortlist of two candidates.

Interview Process

The top two applicants had their first interviews with the hiring manager in the USA. Their second interview was with the counterpart to this position in the UK – where the company’s CMO was. The third and final interview was a group meeting with all team members on both sides of the Atlantic. 

After much deliberation, one of the applicants was offered the role – which we are delighted to announce they accepted. The successful applicant was chosen because they were familiar with the client company, role, and technology offerings. The candidate was upbeat and excited to join SHL.  SHL is a great place to work. They have very positive glassdoor reviews and rating and it is widely known that SHL has an excellent work/life balance.

The candidate that was hired has now been in place for several months and is very pleased with their new role, as is the hiring manager that made the final decision to bring the candidate on board.


technology marketing recruitment
David Holton, Director of Americas

If your organization requires Product Marketing Director recruitment, please contact David by any of the means below to discuss in confidence how Marketing Moves can support your organisation’s growth,

+1 (916) 474-4680
+1 (530) 412-2031

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