Noticed for all the right and wrong reasons

I’m one of those marketers who have to admit that Richard Staveley and his global marketing team at Protein World created a stonkingly good marketing campaign. Did I take offense? Did I personally think it was in bad taste? Was I annoyed that yet again the fear of an ‘unbody beautiful’ was possibly creating a …

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Getting Personal

Sleeping CEOs may have failed to notice that their marketing folk have moved on from big bold marketing campaigns to very direct, very personalised and very targeted approaches to customers, sharing insights and encouraging engagement. The days where there was enough budget to spend money and hope the message hits the right person are well …

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Gender Gap - What Are You Worth

What are you worth?

Marketing Week’s 2015 Salary Survey of marketing and digital professionals reveals high levels of unrest, negativity on job satisfaction and continuing gender gaps. The pay gap between male and female marketers who answered the Salary Survey has narrowed since 2014, although men still get paid considerably more. Their average salary is £47.569, which is 15% …

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Driving Innovation through Marketing

Marketing Innovation is a relatively new term, but sometimes it’s confused with marketing creativity. Marketing is a discipline composed of micro-economic data (e.g. price, quantity, and behavioral data, the understanding of human behavior from psychology, anthropology, and sociology). With demographic, psychographics and social data tied to behavioral and economic data, there are mountains of data and insights …

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Sneaking Suspicions

Technology got our hope up. It was supposed to free us completely from all the bonds of time and space. Fully functioning home offices, video-conferencing, seamless flexi-working, the ability to text, ping, click and instagram were supposed to be the tools that set us free. How about the ‘freedom’ to write, amend and file documents …

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Bit by Bit Marketing Advice from marketingmoves

Bit by Bit

Annual reports, spread sheets, customer satisfaction reports, mystery shopping and keeping the competitor in the rear view mirror are all activities that marketers pour over in an effort to help their businesses or organisations grow and prosper. Marketing automation, the new holy grail of this quest, provides us all with the tiniest details of the …

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