Diamonds in the Rough

How can you find emerging talent to drive success in your team?

Roadblocks to the Top

Over the past two decades, anyone who has wanted to be ‘someone’ has either positioned themselves within their company to be worthy of a mentor or had a mentor bestowed upon them.

Nine zero's (000000000) and still not enough…..

Apple shares fell nearly 5% in after -hours trading just because the company only made a net profit of £8.8bn in the three months ending in June, up 21% from a year earlier but lower than forecast.

The Miracle Worker

Sandra Malone, Marketing Director for marketingmoves, interviewed Dawn Wyndham recently about her stellar career in the IT sector. SM: Dawn, tell us about yourself DW: Well, I was born and brought up in Wales and basically, I’ve had a gloriously misspent youth. I’ve been an ice cream lady, got a full motor-bike license, I’ve sailed …

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There's confidence and then there's fantasy

There's confidence and then there's fantasy!

The new IDM B2B 2012 Barometer survey raises some interesting points about UK marketing optimism..


A recent workshop with Robin Pew, the Chief Economist and Editorial Director from The Economist Intelligence Unit set out the megatrends to watch out for.

'Free Agent' (alias, The contractor)

Is contracting right for you?

Early birds, worms and all that….

Early trend spotting has its advantages and disadvantages. Communicating trends can cause interest, horror or an out and out frenzy. So, what do you make of the following:

Celebrate or Despair?

The 101st International Women’s Day held in March this year, was cause for both. In Britain, a woman will face the prospect of at least 14 more general elections before women equal men in the Commons.

Sourabh Kothari, Senior Manager,Global Virtual Events at Cisco Systems

Sourabh Kothari, Senior Manager Global Virtual Events at Cisco Systems, has managed over 1000 webinars and 100 virtual events to attendees across six continents. He tells us about it below:

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