Define your Core. Own it. Accelerate it. Grow. 

Expert marketing for ambitious companies across every stage of growth.

We sit at the heart of what you do

We sit at the heart of what you do

We exist to help high-growth companies scale faster and more efficiently. We are your on-site growth engine. 

Whether you’re a scale-up, fully-backed, pre or post IPO or you’re looking for your next growth phase – take a moment and ask yourself …“Who are we and why do we matter?”

Leading the charge in Marketing On-Demand, we’re experts in delivering commercially impactful programs while minimizing risk.

If “hybrid” has replaced the office, then Marketing On-Demand has replaced rigid programs and costs.

What makes us special?

We co-founded Core after connecting over our passion of building and running marketing functions for ambitious technology companies.  

We’ll quickly understand what you need to drive demand and growth.​ 

Kelly Hall

Who I am
I’m an expert in helping B2B companies grow and be seen by engaging investors, prospects, and customers in an impactful way.

What I bring
A specialism in awakening sleeping giants.

What you get
An agile and focused powerhouse. I give you hands-on experience having run marketing for some of the most exciting tech brands on the circuit.

Deborah Thomas

Who I am
I specialize in unlocking strategies that build consistency, trust, and customer loyalty.

What I bring
Transformative storytelling with a visionary approach.

What you get
A trusted force dedicated to elevating your organization with
innovative, impactful programs that captivate and inspire your audiences.

What is Marketing On-Demand?

Marketing On-Demand brings choice. 

Think of us as your in-house marketing powerhouse – complementing and upscaling your existing internal and external teams. Or help you to work out what you need as you grow.

We’ve been there and can cut through. We work to determine the right approach for you at each stage that will bring results.

We’ve built an exclusive community of the best of the best. Core Collaborators bring a diverse range of marketing skills that can be switched on and off based on your needs.

An on-demand and flexible fractional marketing model means Core out-manoeuvres traditional rigid structures and retainers.