Higher demand for staff is a boom for interim marketers

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Record low unemployment and declining numbers of EU workers in the UK have exasperated today’s talent shortage. This is bad news for companies, many of whom are having to pay well above the market rate and wait longer to attract top marketing talent.  According to the Open University’s survey, some 56% of the companies they asked shared that they had had to increase the salary on an average role to above the market rate over the past year in order to get the talent they needed.

This is good news for marketing contractors as many more will be brought in to provide interim marketing support. This might be to tackle a specific skills shortage or lead a specialist project. It could be to support an under-resourced team during the longer-than-expected search for permanent candidates or following a sudden departure of a marketer in newly high demand.

At a higher rate than for permanent staff but without the long term commitment or benefits costs, and often with a more varied skillset and deeper experience in multiple markets, interim marketers are an ideal short term solution.

At MarketingMoves we’re already seeing anincrease in demand on our contract desk. Now more than ever we’re growing our pool of marketing contractors – so if you are a talented marketing contractor within the technology sector or a company looking for an interim marketing solution, get in touch with Laura Barrett on

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