The best tech CMOs and marketing leaders, matching your needs with their depth of experience on a commercial basis that works for everyone.

Tech Fractional CMO Recruitment

Tech fractional CMO recruitment is our premium service for companies that need the best of the best. The best CMOs and marketing leaders in the market, working fractionally, to match your needs with their depth of experience, on a commercial basis that works for everyone.

Fractional works best when you simply don’t have the time or budget to hire the expert capability that you need right now, but you know that you will need them in the future. Our team of experts very often work “from the future, back”, helping you set out the marketing strategy that you need, but which your current team doesn’t quite have the experience to do, today.

What makes us special?

Simply that we provide the best, nothing less. We provide Fractional CMO and VP-level B2B Tech’ Marketing experts who have not only been proven through at least a decade of personal leadership experience, but each and every one of them has been through a deep assessment process with peer-level CMO and our panel of CEOs, to ensure that they have the right mix of strategic vision AND tactical agility, to get the job done. Nobody in our portfolio is an armchair marketing critic, or a has-been hands-off, jobbing Marketing Director.

What about the marketing team?

The team is critical, so below the leadership level, we are also able to build a flexible pool of expert fractional marketers. These are the top talent in all the core specialist areas, such as digital marketing, PR, communications, product marketing, product managers, pricing experts and so on. Everyone on our team will have a positive impact in your team, because they are experts – working to clear brief and timeline – to get the work done, on time, on budget.

Marketing Moves has been working in the B2B technology, telecom and services market since 1992, with an outstanding reputation for deeply understanding the personalities of both its customers and candidates. FractionalMoves is the next evolution of the business, and reflects the change in global working practices. If “hybrid” has replaced “the office”, then fractional has replaced “interim” as the new way to add experienced marketing leadership *and* an agile marketing team, to your business – at pace.

How do I discuss tech fractional CMO recruitment?

To discuss your tech fractional CMO recruitment requirement in the utmost confidence, please contact our CEO Melvin Day on or call 020 3911 6757. If you would like to be part of our elite fractional CMO team, speak to Mel also.

Mel Day, CEO

Mel Day, CEO
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