Adrian Hardy


Adrian Hardy - CEO & CO-FounderAdrian Hardy co-founded MarketingMoves back in ‘92 to address a notable gap in the market. He and his growing team have been at the forefront of technology marketing recruitment ever since, and remain one of the most tightly networked and well-connected recruitment consultancies working in this niche but growing sector.

Adrian prides himself on having spotted and supported many of B2B Technology Marketing’s leading lights over the course of their careers, and later rise to senior marketing leadership. The best have not forgotten him. As well as senior level executive search, today MarketingMoves identifies and nurtures future generations of marketing talent in our FastTrack programme, looking for the marketing genii of tomorrow.

"Our clients want candidates who are bright, hungry and ambitious. There's no room for complacency in marketing but we’re known for being in constant contact with many of the most talented technology marketers around. A great deal of our business is from repeat clients and candidates. They have unprecedented confidence and trust in our ability to match their requirements with either the right applicant or opportunity. In summary, we know what we're doing and do it!"

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