Operating in highly competitive markets in a 24/7 connected world means that companies need to move fast to find the right talent. Speed and quality are at a premium when looking for the right people to populate your company.

There’s a trend to move away from recruiting the old way which was about hiring people like yourself.  Many organisations are now on the look out for disruptive thinkers with proven leadership success and experience in high growth situations. Most of all, potential employees need to be fluid, flexible and open to change. They need to be problem solvers and change makers who can adapt and develop.

Innovation shouldn’t be just an add on in a company culture.

A company is innovative because their people are. A culture of innovation is in the DNA of individuals and it’s easy to spot. A potential recruit these days needs to be able to demonstrate their innovation in business, in operations, technically, in marketing and in support. Innovation is about a whole outlook; a whole approach.

Maintaining an innovative culture means encouraging and enabling people to make bold decisions and supporting them when they go well and when they don’t.

Who does Innovation well?

If there’s one company that is globally seen as innovative, it has to be Spotify, the online music streaming service. Launched in 2008, the company now has 12.5million paying subscribers but more than 50 million active users across 58 countries. The company has grown from 29 employees to over 1500 staff.

Culture is at the heart of their very successful innovation.


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