Marketing Moves is the only specialist recruitment company for Marketing Professionals in ICT. As leaders in the field, they have successfully completed marketing recruitment campaigns for over 500 leading ICT companies companies from start-ups to multi-nationals and placed over 1000 marketing professionals in the last three years alone, ranging from Marketing Executives to Marketing VP’s.

Computers for Charity profile

Computers for Charities (CfC) offer a complete disposal service to organizations replacing their hardware. They are experts in end-of life IT asset management, including data destruction, computer refurbishment, reuse, and recycling. Donating computers to CfC guarantees compliance with all UK legislation, including the WEEE Directive, Data Protection Act and Environment Act. Operating since 1994, CfC is the oldest and most diverse IT reuse charity in the UK handling in excess of 250,000 computer systems providing practical, sustainable solutions that empowers and enriches the lives of people from poor communities by reusing donated ICT and telecommunications equipment to provide education, training and development initiatives in the UK and over 105 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

CfC needs a continual supply of IT hardware, volunteers, and financing. This means that CfC must sustain a high profile in order to attract engagement from those with the capacity to really help.


The Marketing Moves Team recruited a Marketing Director and other Marketing staff who were prepared to work for free to support CfC’s activities, developing and raising the profile of this organization throughout the UK and abroad. ‘Recruiting people of this caliber, with this level of dedication was tricky’, said Lynne Houghton, Director at Marketing Moves, ‘With the best will in the world, most people want some sort of salary, so looking for people who had the right skills, combined with an empathy for the cause and an understanding of what it takes to cut through the noise in the UK Charitable sector, was pretty difficult’.

But Lynne was able to recruit the perfect team.

Alun Cope-Morgan, Director of Business Development for CfC said, ‘We wouldn’t be where we are today without Lynne and the Marketing Moves team. Their tenacity and their focus in getting us the right people at no cost to the organization, means that we are able to develop and raise our profile, as well as attract long term commitment from the IT sector.’


Marketing Directors in the UK can typically cost an organization £60K-£120K. Marketing Moves also recruited a Marketing Communications specialist. Typical salaries can be £35K and £50K. This represents a cost savings to CfC of a minimum of £100K

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