What makes an interim executive successful?

Companies across the globe in all sectors of the economy have chosen to appoint a proliferation of interim executives for key roles (think John Chen as interim CEO for Blackberry).

However, there’s a booming market for interim work at all levels.

Interims are often hired to come into an organization and focus on a specific task such as replacing a departed staff member; ‘holding the fort’ whilst a permanent replacement is being sought; preparing a company for sale; disrupting (on purpose) a department or team; providing a new ‘lens’ from which to view the company or simply just to fill a much needed hole.

The successful interim is generally very flexible, often with a broad range of skills and frequently they are also high energy and very focused folks. We’ve noticed three factors that stand between an ordinary interim and a very successful one:

1. They are focused on getting things done. Outcomes are what matter to this individual. They often work to remove roadblocks, spending a lot of time finding the resources to help others.

2. They have no personal agenda. This means they don’t feel compelled to force their point of view on the people around them – making for a better working environment all round.

3. They are genuinely intent on working themselves out of a job. These individuals work hard to deliver their specific outcomes. They coach and facilitate people, and enable collaboration and initiative. They downplay their own egos in favour of supporting their focused objective. They actively delegate work and seek out and promote talent people.

Follow this tip for success as an Interim – Figure out what is already working, without your input, that needs to be maintained. Then, plot the minimal number of interventions you need to make to sort out the problems. In the world of management, less is more. As an interim executive, this type of thinking probably comes naturally to you. But it’s also a useful discipline for any executive to bear in mind when moving into a new role.

One day, companies may put term limits on staff appointments and enforce more frequent moves. Until then, interims and outcomes will be well-placed to make a difference.

For further information on how Marketingmoves can help you source the right interim for your business, contact us at info@marketingmoves.com or +441932 253352



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