How much emphasis is put on culture fit when hiring? Trust me, it’s big! And like it or not, it’s one of the primary reasons you either get the job or don’t.

So exactly what is culture fit?  In my opinion, it goes well beyond dropping the grey suit in favour of slim-fit jeans and oxford shirt, decent brogues (you get the picture), or simply saying you want to work for a pre IPO or corporate.  Because, big or small, each company has its own unique culture and you should be well tuned in to this the moment you engage with a company for a potential new role.

If unlike me you’d never googled the term, it states this:

Cultural fit is having shared and aligned values and mission in the workplace. It’s owning the beliefs, behaviour and personality that are consistent with the company’s mission. Cultural fit is exhibited through language and communication, through daily work ethic and integration of your work with your lifestyle”

As someone that talks to hiring managers and in-house recruitment teams globally, every day I see first-hand the emphasis that is placed on the above.  What’s not easy, is simply researching online in order to fully grasp whether or not you are going to be the right cultural fit, or indeed if the culture is for you.  

Marketing Moves  work intently at understanding the values and DNA of the hiring companies we partner with.  This has enabled us to build a business based on loyalty with some of best tech companies globally, and in turn, built trust and insight amongst our talent pool.

Our clients trust that we understand them from the inside-out. #oldskool transparency and rapport perhaps, but our intuitiveness to understand something in (‘culture’) that is less visible, searchable or touchable is something we pride ourselves on.

Culture fit can define a shortlist. Skills alone won’t. Culture fit tells us who’s right for a business, well before they wander through their doors. It brings efficiency and speed to the hiring process.

For those on the hunt for a new role, tuning in to cultural fit at stage one will pay its dividends. Or getting the help to do that from a specialist, not generalist, agency. Granted I have spent most of my entire professional career either recruiting or coaching, but it’s key to be self-aware and understand where you will have the best chance of securing that next role.  

Ask yourself honest questions before pressing the click button. Are you really a Shoreditch or west coast start-up profile or equally are you suited to a well-structured matrix environment? Be honest with yourself.  Over the years, we have worked with some of the industry’s best tech marketers globally and helped shape direction in their careers, by simply having these conversations.

As one senior tech marketer put it “I have achieved this.  Jacob at Marketing Moves took the time to understand my needs and helped me to engage with companies that shared my values and energy. It was really important that Jacob’s insight and expertise of the industry could connect me with the right companies. I started in a big multinational company then I moved to a smaller one, not a start-up but a start-up minded medium sized company. Having made this move, I had found my niche I could no longer move back to a giant tech firm where you need to knock on 30 doors to get approval for an event. But at the same time, I am not right for a two person start-up, too messy for me. But knowing what you’re looking for and fit is key and working with Jacob and the Marketing Moves team, I was able to maximise my search.

Culture, therefore, is not something a business makes you do, it’s how they make you feel. It’s not what an individual does, it’s simply how they do it.  So our advice is, take the time to understand it!


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