The relationship between users and platforms has never been more delicate. Recent news coverage of Mark Zuckerberg’s accountability in accordance with Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook data, has caused friction and distrust of how data is used. Alongside this, upcoming GDPR legislation means that the privacy and use of data is more important than ever.

Mozilla recently released the Internet Health Report 2018, which explains what’s helping and what’s hurting the internet. The research looked at five key issues; privacy and security, openness, digital inclusion, web literacy, and decentralisation.

Mozilla notes that the internet, on the whole, is good for us, with more people connecting than ever before. However, with the rise of ‘fake-news’ and misinformation, there are threats to online users and a ‘healthy internet’.

Three main areas of concern were found:

  • Consolidation of power over the internet, particularly by Facebook, Google and Amazon.
  • The spread of ‘fake news’ which the report attributes in part to the ‘broken online advertising economy’ that provides financial incentives for fraud, misinformation, and abuse.
  • The threat to privacy posed by the poor security of the Internet of Things.

Findings from Mozilla weren’t all bad – with progress in affordable access to the internet, as well as the adoption of cryptography and breaking codes. However, it seems that the report came after a change in the use of the internet and it is likely that it will impact the way in which we work.

The internet is evolving and the way we operate needs to evolve with it. Decentralisation was a key theme from the findings. The internet owes much of its success to openness – but a few big companies are closing the doors and restricting our access. For example, BT restricts access to many websites and bows to pressures from the government.

To combat this, there are steps that can be taken such as net neutrality, interoperability, competition choice and local contribution. The latter of these steps is crucial for technology marketing, where the creation of websites and content is crucial – and sharing it through a number of streams helps to protect the health of the internet.

Alongside this, GDPR coming into practice later this month will defend the rights of users information and how it used.

Here at Marketing Moves, we champion a positive use of the internet. If you are a candidate in search of a new role or a client looking for talent within the sector, please call us on 01932 253 352 or email

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