There is a common belief that in-house recruiters and external recruitment agencies don’t make the best team and often end up working against each other. However, this isn’t the case and here at Marketing Moves, we frequently work with in-house recruiters, supporting the hiring needs of their organisations and acting as a valued extension of their teams.

In the technology marketing sector, there are often roles which require niche skills – with a shortage of candidates to fill them. By working together, a specialist recruiter can engage with in-house teams to help streamline the recruitment process using the formers expert knowledge.

Below are our thoughts on ways that Marketing Moves can add value throughout the recruitment process and ensure organisations source the best talent required:

  1. Tap into our specialist market knowledge

Technology organisations don’t often recruit for marketing roles – and so it can be difficult for internal recruiters to have a clear understanding of the skill set, qualifications and experience required.

Ensuring candidates possess the required qualities is crucial within the marketing technology sector. Numerous platforms, tools and software are in use, each differing from one organisation to another.

Here at Marketing Moves, we specialise in sourcing talent within the sector. We have a successful track record of placing candidates across all marketing disciplines and levels. Our consultants operate in different vertical sectors of the industry, which allows us to always provide value added insight to our clients.

  1. Reach

Quite often, the perfect candidate is happy in their current role and might not be actively seeking a new position. This means that internal recruiters are likely to overlook these individuals, which could translate into a missed opportunity.

As an established recruitment agency, our database has grown over many years, providing us with access to a vast network of specialists within the sector – made up of active and passive candidates. Each of our consultants work within their verticals to identify the the best potential candidates based on experience, location and other criteria depending on the skill set required.

  1. Results

As we specialise in sourcing technology marketing talent, we are adept at quickly sourcing the right candidates for you. As mentioned above, we  have access to a vast network and a clear understanding of the market, which has helped us develop a streamlined process of finding the right professionals for the role.

By using our tried and tested methods, our team are able to identify the precise skills required and identify the ideal candidate for roles and culture fit. Through this, we acquire the best people, rather than just those who are actively seeking work – resulting in a high retention rate as well as happy clients and candidates.

  1. Candidates, not applicants

Using the expertise of a recruitment consultancy can provide companies with access to a wider pool of good quality, high-performing candidates and thus reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person.

The majority of applicants may not be a good match for the role at hand and so a lot of time will be invested in filtering, assessing matching and communicating with them. Working with Marketing Moves means that your organisations will only receive pre-selected applicants who  fit all of the criteria required for the role. As such we provide you with a competitive shortlist of candidates who are ready to interview.

Here at Marketing Moves, we often work with in-house recruiters to help source the best candidates. To find out more or to discuss how we can fulfill your recruitment needs, please contact Melvin Day on

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