In today’s modern world of employment, one central theme in the news every day is diversity.

It started with the gender pay gap, and now thankfully has spread to race, sexuality, disability, education, affluency and a whole host of other soon-to-be minority factions.

As well as the obvious equality factor, the reason is simple: companies with higher levels of diversity (especially on the board) do better.

There’s still a long way to go (especially in the FTSE 100), but already companies that have stayed male, stale and pale have simply died, whilst startups who are blind to discrimination and unconscious bias have flourished.

Think House of Fraser (hello terrible website) vs Just Eat (goodbye terrible takeaway).

So it’s odd that the companies which often supply this marketing technology software – giving their clients competitive advantage – can occasionally be guilty of the very opposite themselves.

We’re talking here about how difficult it is for candidates to move across sectors in the tech industry, with software companies only looking at candidates with software experience – and usually only those with a background in their particular space.

To us at Marketing Moves, it’s narrow thinking. We regularly advise clients who initially take this approach that a lot of marketing skills are very transferrable and it’s also down to culture/personality fit.

Otherwise, we’re stuck in the same position as the graduate who needs prior experience, which only benefits those from affluent backgrounds who can afford to intern for free or use family contacts / the old boy network to get in.  And no-one wants to go back to the dark ages.

The result of all this is that software companies are regularly missing out on great candidates. And a new wave of businesses currently behind them in the queue will ultimately benefit. Sound familiar?

What do you think?

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments box below – and don’t worry, it’s more than OK to disagree – that’s the whole point of diversity!

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