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Sally O'Sullivan - Senior Partner (Key Account Interim)
Sally O’Sullivan – Senior Partner

By Sally O’Sullivan, Senior Partner

At Marketing Moves, we’re regularly asked how the recruitment market is in the current professional climate.

Whether it’s geo-political (otherwise known as Brexit), financial, seasonal or simply technological, the simple truth from our point of view is that currently the tech market is doing well and recruitment is buoyant.

How do we know? Well, we’ve receiving an increasing number of enquiries from tech firms asking us to recruit their marketing roles, as well as talking to lots of candidates as always who are all reporting plenty of interviews. 

All of which got us thinking, why is our our sector performing well whilst others might struggling slightly?

Because Marketing Moves recruits nothing but technology marketing professionals, it’s something we like to call TechFlex. TechFlex means exactly how it sounds: that the technology market is so wide and varied that it’s flexible enough to stay strong no matter what’s happening in the world.

With regard to some individual reasons, the most common five examples we could think of are below – do please leave your comments at the foot of this article to give your opinion or leave your own!

  1. Innovation
    Continuous development and change in the technology sector. For example the rise of AI and Internet of Things.

  2. Omnipresence
    Technology is truly global so is less affected by regional factors.

  3. Versatility
    Technology often booms when other sectors suffer. For example, FinTech surged after the last recession as banks prepared for their next big boom.

  4. Audience
    Technology has a good, balanced spread across B2B and B2C – so it less affected by issues in each one.

  5. Disruptive
    At times of uncertainty or significant change, smaller, more nimble tech companies grasp opportunities to obtain market share from more established traditional businesses.
Sally O’Sullivan


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